Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bill Maher - Public Idiot #1

Bill Maher, once again shows his respect for the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line to protect his sorry hide. "'I have nothing but the highest regard for the men and women serving this country around the world" proclaimed Maher about the U.S. military on his May 13th "Real Time" show on HBO. American Daughter describes him as "dumb as a bag of hammers", with which phrase I must say that I take extreme umbrage. We have some hammers around my house and they are capable of performing worthwhile endeavors, something I have never witnessed in the case of Bill Maher. One thing is certain, both his intellect and his character cannot hold a candle to the majority of those young heroes serving in the American Armed Forces. Grunts - remember this the next time that Maher and his celebrity buddies such as Al Franken come a-calling on a USO tour. Maher says you are all "low-lying Lyndie England fruit". As for you HBO patrons who are enabling Maher and his ilk by paying for this claptrap, why not consider sending that money to a more worthwhile cause - the troops in Iraq or the many charities those troops are sponsoring?
Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/25/2005 | Foot in mouth disease:
Maher poked fun at the fact that the Army missed its recruiting goal by 42 percent in April: 'More people joined the Michael Jackson fan club.'

'We've done picked all the low-lying Lyndie England fruit, and now we need warm bodies,' Maher said, referring to one of the soldiers accused of abusing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and implying that the military only signs up 'bad apple' types.

Maher, who seems to have made a career of releasing statements clarifying his jokes, released a statement: 'I have nothing but the highest regard for the men and women serving this country around the world.'
Weapons of Mass Discussion blogs:
"If this is the lower level fruit, Mr. Maher, then you are nothing more than disposed of fertilizer. Mr. Maher, if this person is the lowest level fruit, this nation should be so lucky."
View the Video from OverSpun (wmv) WARNING: Keep a barf bag handy, Vulgar Language as usual from that crowd.
Real Time With Bill Maher Clip- Chicken Hawk Down
by @ 11:26 am.
Here’s Bill Maher’s last “New Rule” of the season- Chicken Hawk Down:
This is the response from The Democrat Underground: Bill Maher for Congress
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