Thursday, November 19, 2015

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

08,06.11 090

The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge Must Go Now!
As soon as the Black Lives Matter movement succeeds in removing all memorials to President Woodrow Wilson at Princeton University in New Jersey, we expect the anarchists will head South to the greatest memorial of all to their despised Democrat President - The Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge.

Here the protestors can spread themselves from the Maryland Shore, crossing a bit of Washington DC, to the bustling metropolis of Virginia's northern counties. Their disruptive presence will be duly noticed by the 250,000 daily crossing motorists for however many days they can endure the elements of life above the Potomac River.

The Wilson Bridge is the only bridge in the United States crossing the borders of three jurisdictions, i.e. Maryland, Washington DC,  and Virginia.

Why is the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge Named after Woodrow Wilson?