Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Reaping the Whirlwind

These are the words headlining Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s comments about Hurricane Katrina at the Huff and Puffington Post: “For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind

Leave it to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to know the root cause of the Katrina natural disaster. You guessed it. The culprits are Republicans; two specifically - George Bush and Haley Barbour. From God's lips to a Kennedy's ears ... Hurricane Katrina was visited upon the inhabitants of Mississippi because their governor, Haley Barbour, "offended God" by helping President Bush oppose the Kyoto Protocol.

"Katrina is giving our nation a glimpse of the climate chaos we are bequeathing our children." Who would have known that a Kennedy would be a follower of the Reverend Pat Robertson, but he is, as he reminds us of the good Reverend's 1998 warning "that hurricanes were likely to hit communities that offended God". He continues writing that because of the role that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour played in derailing the Kyoto Protocol and President Bush’s promise to regulate CO2, Katrina decided "to spare New Orleans and save its worst flailings for the Mississippi coast".

The very first commenter nailed Mr. Kennedy succinctly: "I can't believe it but I think you are being entirely serious. You really seem to believe that Gov. Barbour's rejection of Kyoto is responsible for this hurricane. I declare this to be an instant HuffPo classic. Satire is - once again - made redundant."

No Sharia Law for Australia!

If Democrats were smart, they would head on over to Australia and convince this Mr. Peter Costello to immigrate to America and set him up as a U.S. Senator, with a big "D" behind his name. They could then be on their way to winning elections again.

Muslims Who Want Sharia Law Told to Get Out!
SYDNEY (AFP) - Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law should get out of Australia, a senior government minister has said, hinting that some radical clerics might be asked to leave. Australia was a secular state and its laws were made by parliament, Treasurer Peter Costello told national television late Tuesday.

"If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you," said Costello ... "I'd be saying to clerics who are teaching that there are two laws governing people in Australia, one the Australian law and another the Islamic law, that that is false. There's only one law in Australia -- it's the law that's made by the parliament of Australia and enforced by our courts. There is no second law."

Ruffles and Flourishes to Gates of Vienna.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Carnival of the Clueless

"Right Wing Nut House" is up with "Carnival of the Clueless 12" saying that FINALLY something (Katrina) has come along to bump the Cindy Sheenan Cluebats' Revival Meeting from the newscasts. See my post predicting this very happening: Escape From West Texas. Check out the Carnival for some FUN! Rick Moran writes:

"As Neddy at Kerfuffles points out, the liberals who run the Associated Press are a piece of work. The article criticizing the President’s gasoline expenditures as President got a lot of play this week, as well it should have. Such idiocy deserves to be highlighted."

Audacious Petulant Paranoia

~~ John Roberts - Supreme Court Nominee
The more one reads the writings of John Roberts, the more one has to admire the "spunk" of the guy! That's what comes from being a lone conservative amongst the sea of liberals at Harvard University. "Petulant paranoia" indeed! He truly knows the meaning of the phrase.

Liberals should love him for his disrespect in 1983, towards their despised Bob Jones University. White House lawyer John Roberts wrote to the Counsel for President Reagan referring to college president Bob Jones III as "audacious" and exhibiting "petulant paranoia" and suggested a reply from Reagan "telling Jones, in essence, to go soak his head." (The St. Petersburg Times)

Roberts went after a Reagan speech writer who wanted the President to describe the United States as "the greatest nation God ever created." Citing the Bible, Roberts wrote "God creates things like the heavens and the earth, and the birds and the fishes, but not nations."

Of course, liberal women are not apt to forgive his impertinence towards their sex in some of his written comments. When Republican congresswomen urged President Reagan to consider federally adjusting women's pay to make it more equal to men, Roberts proclaimed it a violation of free-market principles. "I honestly find it troubling that three Republican representatives are so quick to embrace such a radical redistributive concept," he wrote in a 1984 memo. "Their slogan may as well be "From each according to his ability, to each according to her gender.'"

In 1985, he wrote a memo where he joked about a White House aide who in a previous job "encouraged many former homemakers to enter law school and become lawyers." Roberts wrote "Some might question whether encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good, but I suppose that is for the judges to decide."

Considering that Ronald Reagan has been awarded such an honored status in American history, one realizes that the many competent individuals who counseled the President during his term of office, deserve compliments for their service. Reagan was wise to add John Roberts to his team and America will be wise to add him to the Supreme Court. Captain's Quarters has more at "Roberts - Conservative, but Not Crazy".

Monday, August 29, 2005

Friends of the Baron

Baron at Gates of Vienna has posted a "small, but beautiful" list of friends. I am honored to be among them. These friends are lesser known blogs that he recommends. I will be busy checking them out. I have learned much from the erudite "Gates of Vienna" blog about the ancient relationship between Islam and Europe. I thought previously that Islam in Europe had affected only the Iberian peninsula. I was unaware, as their masthead tells: "At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war."

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cindy versus Tanya

"I'm just so honored that the universe chose me to be the spark that has set off a raging inferno," Cindy Sheehan tells the L.A. Times. "And when I had to leave, it proved that you don't need the spark anymore, because the fire is burning. And it's not going to go out. If George Bush came out and spoke with me today and we went home, this wouldn't end."

As if anybody thought it would? Sheehan claims to have the support of "tens of thousands of angels." The Associated Press reports that Al Sharpton is one of the "angels" planning a trip to Texas on Sunday. Other "angels" are from the neo-Nazi Web site who will "help put up a White Nationalist voice in the protest against Bush's War for Israel that was started by Cindy Sheehan." The Code Pink Women "angels" will have to take a "leave of absense" from the gates of Walter Reed Army Hospital where they have been tormenting the wounded warriors for volunteering to fight in George Bush's army. quotes blogger Jonathan Wilson as predicting that after Cindy Sheehan leaves Crawford, Texas, that her handlers are planning a boxing match between her and Tonya Harding. Got to keep in front of the news, you know, and Al Sharpton will not keep them occupied forever. I googled the boxing match already and the predicted results are in. Make your bets now!
Cindy Sheehan versus Tonya Harding (Watch the Fight!)

Linked at Wizbang's 'Respecting Cindy Sheehan'.

Bob Hope Zombies

Ghost Breakers Would you believe that the film "The Ghost Breakers", debuted in 1940? That was before I was even born! How was it that the land of Hollywood was erudite back then? Since most people have never seen the film from so long ago, here is a clip of the late, great Bob Hope inquiring about Zombies, of all things. Imagine, this was even before the Zombie Jamboree that took place in a New York cemetery when I was a teen. DO NOT MISS ---

Bob Hope's Greatest Line (1 mb WMV).

Ruffles and Flourishes to my neighbor Paddy who lives next to me in Cleary Hollow, Virginia. His website,, usually includes clips like Watch the running Deere."

If you cannot get the WMV file to play on your computer, The Skipper at Barking Moonbats has created a mov file ( and gives this information about an alternative:
FYI: This clip was sent to me in Windows Media format (WMV) but since we have such a diverse audience here I ran it through a digital media tool I use called Cleaner XL to convert it to a more common format. This software allows me to convert video between Windows Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Quicktime, RealPlayer formats and even creates streaming media formats for web presentation. It’s expensive but if you’re doing any work with digital video, especially for the web, I highly recommend it.
Linked at basil's blog Brunch: 8/27/2005 and 'Beltway Sunday Drive' at Outside the Beltway. I tried linking to Barking Moonbats, but it would not accept my trackback - perhaps they block Blogger sites, as others do, which makes Blogger a bit frustrating to use.

Code Pinkie Luke

Listen and watch "Code Pinkie Luke", as he and his ilk hang out near the wounded warriors, hoping to bask in the soldiers' heroic glory, while offering feeble attempts at sympathy. If only the "Code Pinkies" could find something so worthy in their own lives, for which they would be willing to sacrifice life and limb. The protestors are driven by envy, not by sympathy.

The Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., where wounded warriors are treated, has been targeted by anti-war demonstrations since March. The protesters hold signs that read "Maimed for Lies" and "Enlist here and die for Halliburton." It is all legal as the demonstrators have protest permits from the police department to position themselves in front of the main entrance to the Army's Medical Center. "Code Pink Women for Peace" organizes the protests. Some conservative supporters believe that a hospital treating wounded soldiers is not a suitable location for anti-war demonstrations. Although anti-war protesting there is shameless, the protestors are guaranteed their say by our Constitution. All of the wounded warriors in hospital now being tormented by "Code Pink Ladies" have fought on the battlefields and off to protect that very speech that "Code Pink Women" is exercising.

Although we should not try to stop them, we also can exercise our own freedom of speech to note their lunacy and illogical thought processes. Listen and watch as one anti-war protester expounds.
Demonstrating to the audience his [lack of] immense pride in his activities, he would only identify himself as code-named "Luke".

Code name "Luke" told
Washington ('s Cybercast News Service that "the price of George Bush's foreign policy can be seen right here at Walter Reed -- young men who returned from Iraq with their bodies shattered after George Bush sent them to war for a lie." "Luke" accused the president of "exploiting American soldiers" while "oppressing the other nations of earth." The president "has killed far too many people." Listen and watch hypocrite "Luke", delighting in his three minutes of fame outside of an Army hospital, as he claims that he is speaking for the wounded soldiers there who are not able to speak for themselves. I ask you, who in reality is exploiting American soldiers? Those soldiers signed on voluntarily with George Bush; they never signed up with any "Code Pink Women"!
See Marc Morano's Video Report

Chief Osceola Rides

SeminoleThe Seminole tribe of Florida has always been proud of its connection with the Chief Osceola mascot of Florida State University and objected when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) banned the nickname and mascot's use. I blogged on this recently in "No Little Indian Boys".

Now, comes reporting from the "New York Times" that Florida State Can Keep Its Seminoles. On September 5th of this year, a student at Florida State University will don traditional warrior dress and war paint and ride bareback on an Appaloosa horse named Renegade. While waving a flaming spear, the student will be acting the part of the Seminole's Chief Osceola. The NCAA is allowing this to occur at Doak Campbell Stadium only, in Tallahassee, Florida, and nowhere else in the nation when Florida State plays its season opener against Miami.
Yesterday, the National Collegiate Athletic Association agreed with the 3,100-member tribe and the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, which had also endorsed the nickname. The N.C.A.A. removed Florida State from the list of universities banned from using what it called "hostile and abusive" mascots and nicknames during postseason play. "The N.C.A.A. executive committee continues to believe the stereotyping of Native Americans is wrong," Bernard Franklin, the association's senior vice president for governance and membership, said in a statement.
That's the NCAA's official word. Actually, it probably has much to do with the discovery that the war paint, flaming spear and Appaloosa horse that mascot Chief Osceola sports have no connection whatsoever to the history of the Seminole tribe, therefore it would not be an insult to the Seminoles for non-Indians to use them. Do not try anything authentic, as that would in fact be considered a grievous racial slur.

It certainly would not be because 81 percent of Native Americans in a recent "Sports Illustrated" poll agreed that sports teams should NOT stop using Indian nicknames, mascots, characters, and symbols, according to National Review Online. What do they know? Their opinions do not count when do-gooders are on a righteous mission of saving the Indians from themselves.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Remember Plame-Wilson!

And Don't Forget the Alamo Either!
Just in case anyone might have forgotten the story over the summer with all the bombings in London, Able Danger in Washington and Cindy Sheehan in Texas, the Los Angeles Times has seen fit to remind us all of that old, worn story of Lady Spy Plame and Superboy Wilson". Lest we have forgotten, their call is "Remember Plame-Wilson" - The Non-scandal That's Going Away! They even have a chronology of events beginning in February 2002, when Vice President Dick Cheney asked whether Iraq sought uranium from Niger. Lady Spy Plame, upon hearing of the questions coming from the Bush adminstration to her CIA, said "Let Them Eat Yellowcake", and sent her SuperSleuth Joey Wilson to Niger, to "cover it". The Times rehashes from there all the way down to July 18th, 2005, when President Bush said that the leaker will be fired if a crime was committed, leaving everyone to ponder if he really thinks he has authority to fire Judith Wilson from the NY Times. You can go to the LA Times and read their retold again novella, or you can stay here and read the real deal at Kerfuffles. "Lady Spy Plame and the Frog"
A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed
By Tom Hamburger and Sonni Efron, Times Staff Writers
WASHINGTON — Toward the end of a steamy summer week in 2003, reporters were peppering the White House with phone calls and e-mails, looking for someone to defend the administration's claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. About to emerge as a key critic was Joseph C. Wilson IV, a former diplomat who asserted that the administration had manipulated intelligence to justify the Iraq invasion.

On the Idaho Trails

George BushWith a Big "HI - Y'all" from POTUS! riding the trails near Lake Cascade State Park in Donnelly, Idaho.

The liberals at the AP cannot quit harping on our president. For the last few weeks they have been accusing him of too much fun down there in Crawford, Texas. Now they are chiding him for using too much fuel for his presidential travels.
"Of All Gas Consumers, Bush May Be Biggest
Getting President Bush from here to there consumes an enormous amount of fuel, whether he's aboard Air Force One, riding in a helicopter or on the ground in a heavily armored limousine. The bill gets steeper every day as the White House is rocked by the same energy prices as regular drivers. Taxpayers still foot the bill."
What the liberals are wishing is that with the rise in oil prices, they can shame the president into going back to bicycling, in the hopes that he will fly over the handlebars again, and they can have weeks of laughter lampooning him. Well, George Bush is too smart to fall for that trick. He has taken up mountain biking and he is now a "pro". No more of these gloats from the Dems and Aljazeera as this headline exemplifies last month: Bush Falls Off Bike Again.

George Bush
Bush Rides the Trail in Idaho: "President George W. Bush spent a vacation day mountain biking at the new Tamarack Resort in central Idaho this week. The 25-mile Tamarack trail system was designed and built by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

"The president rode 16 miles, sampling many of the singletrack trails that have earned Tamarack a reputation for world-class mountain biking. Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne joined the president for a ride that included dirt roads, singletrack, a tour of the golf course and a visit to the mountain bike challenge park. "
POTUSPresident George Bush is rested and tanned and ready to hit the dirt road back to Washington, this time traveling on a "gas-less" mountain bike. We have obtained these photos via an Internet spymeister to prove Bush's expertise. It seems that the left hand of the AP knoweth not what the right hand writeth. A year ago the website "Slapnose" quoted another AP report about the president's mountain biking skills, describing "George Bush: Tough as Nails".
"Bush has only been riding the knobby-tired mountain bikes since February, yet he takes on dangerous sections that would give veterans pause. He keeps a cramp-inducing pace on long uphill sections, pouring it on to reach each peak, backing off a little to recover and then attacking the next hill.

"He pants hard, emitting low 'hrrr, hrrr, hrrr' grunts with each stroke of the pedals, his shoulders bobbing up and down. Bush's new bike is one of the best in the business: a Trek Fuel 98 made of high-tech carbon fiber. The frame is adorned with top-shelf components that Bush professes to know little about, including a motorcycle-style front and rear suspension that soaks up big bumps."

George Bush The president's Secret Service contingent has been having a difficult time keeping up with him, lagging behind POTUS, even while taking the easy "downhill" trails. The president has commandeered some night vision goggles from his private army President Bush and has been using them in Idaho to practice for planned midnight jaunts when he returns to town. No - not à la Bill Clinton, mind you. The President just feels that his Washington outings will be more peaceful at night when all of the MSM reporters are holed up in pubs and bars.

Bush Biker In addition to practicing night riding, President Bush is also taking on steps - as in the "Capitol Steps". Yes, come January, instead of wasting taxpayer dollars on fuel to drive a limo over to address the U.S. Congress with that "State of the Union" thingy, President George Bush plans to be the first president ever to take the "steps" by mountain bike. He has been practicing real hard on this feat as you can see here.

Bush Biking The most recent image found is one of the president while he was showing off his cycling skills in Washington recently to his biking buddy, Lance Armstrong. With all of their biking paraphenalia, few reporters recognized either of them. Fortunately Lance, who was quite impressed, snapped this amazing picture of the president doing wheelies on the Washington mall. What a Guy - Our George! Eat your heart out Tour de France, Aljazerra and Bush-haters everywhere!

PS: Yes - it's satire, except for the quotes about Liberals, which, although hard to believe, are really true. Linked at Outside the Beltway, Mudville Gazette's 'Open Post', Wizbang's Carnival of Trackbacks and basil's blog Supper.

Susan Brewer Banned

Walter Reed Army Hospital has found it necessary to ban Susan Brewer, the high profile founder of America's Heroes of Freedom. It will be interesting to learn what really happened. NBC News at Channel 4 in Washington is reporting that a soldier's wife filed a complaint against Ms. Brewer's organization for using wounded warriors for fund raising purposes.
Charity Barred From Walter Reed
Soldier's Wife: Service Members Were Used For Publicity
POSTED: 7:09 pm EDT August 24, 2005

WASHINGTON -- As war wounded continue to arrive at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, so do dozens of charities willing to help the soldiers and Marines as they recover, but one such charity is under fire.

America's Heroes of Freedom was founded after Sept. 11, 2001, by Susan Brewer, a former Texas interior designer who relocated to Washington. While AHOF has done some good work for returning troops, Brewer has landed in hot water with Walter Reed officials.

AHOF offered free tickets to a Baltimore Orioles game, and more than a dozen recovering service members decided to go.Several of them told News4 that they expected to relax, meet Orioles players and watch a ballgame, not be part of a publicity campaign for AHOF's Web site.

In an e-mail, the wife of a wounded soldier who attended the event wrote that the service members were "used" and the ballpark trip was "nothing more than publicity and a fundraiser" for AHOF.

Brewer denied that and said she had all wounded service members and their companions sign a release allowing them to be photographed.Brewer has now been barred from Walter Reed and it's sub-installations. In a statement to News4 officials said the bar is based on her "material misstatements of fact on the status or America's Heroes of Freedom" and her "use and/or attempted use of casualties for publicity purposes."
On Wednesday, her lawyer responded that "Walter Reed Hospital is ashamed that it cannot properly care for our wounded soldiers. Instead of trying to do so, it is trying to squash people like Susan Brewer." That charge will certainly endear her even more to the Walter Reed officials. Everyone should have a good lawyer to help them out when in trouble.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cindy Does Crawford

Anyone left interested in that Cindy Sheehan story? Eric Pfeiffer was down in West Texas, visiting Camp Casey and that thriving metropolis of Crawford, Texas (population 705, as the sign from "The Buzz" here reads). There is no better round-up than today's posting from him at The Buzz by Eric Pfeiffer, who was there on the ground and has the photos.

Project Hope & Harmony

Is there more than meets the eye to the newly founded Project Hope & Harmony of Herndon, Virginia? Northern Virginiastan is uncovering tidbits of evidence, that were seemingly overlooked by the fawning sleuthhounds at The Washington Post, who recently covered the so-called charity. Always on Watch, writes at Northern Virginiastan, where the byline is "Monitoring how Islam is subverting public institutions in Northern Virginia and the greater DC Metro Area":
"Project Hope and Harmony, not yet a nonprofit organization although filing papers for that status are said to be planned, is the organization which insisted that Herndon, Virginia build a center for day laborers. This center will operate at taxpayers' expense and will not check on the immigration status of day laborers who utilize the site."
Always on Watch has found Google links which cast aspersions upon the Muslim motives of Project Hope and Harmony's founder, yet it appears that these are all blog rantings and nothing verified by respected news organizations. In addition WaPo reports that the organization is an inter-faith group that is trying to solve the problem of what to do with the illegals in their community who are trying to find work. Perhaps the Washington Post investigated and found nothing amiss with the charitable activities of Mr. Mukit Hossain. However, it is always a good idea to be vigilant and to investigate what is going on beneath the surface, as I feel certain that "Northern Virginiastan" will do. I will be staying tuned for more substantial updates, if any.

Meanwhile, I find no reason, at least yet, to condemn the activities of Mr. Hossain or others working to lessen the sufferings of these less fortunate amongst us and helping the community accommodate them. Would it not be a wonderful thing to discover that this is one Muslim group that is truly trying to assimilate itself into the American culture by helping others at home? If that is the case, Mr. Mukit Hossain may be due for some kudos. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The "Have A Blast" Funeral

"Blow Yourself Up" at your own funeral!
Ya just gotta give it to those Dems. They sure know how to party at a funeral. Remember that congressman from Minnesota who died in a plane crash, "win one for Paul" Wellstone? Remember the Democrat politicos who danced on his casket to rally the troops? Now comes the "Blow Yourself Up" at your own funeral which can really attract the "big gun" Dems to pay tribute, such as "almost President" John Kerry.

Just imagine the headlines if John Kerry had been elected president of the United States, instead of George Bush. While our real president is "trying" to vacation in the wilds of west Texas, our "would-have-been-president-if-only" --
John Kerry attends funeral with blow-up sex dolls - Senator guest at intimate farewell to gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson
Posted: August 22, 2005 © 2005

"Former presidential candidate John Kerry attended an intimate and exclusive farewell for gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson, a suicide victim – complete with tributes to drugs and blow-up sex dolls adorning the event. Thompson's ashes were blasted into the night sky in an explosion, according to reports.

"The writer's ashes were fired from atop a 15-story tower modeled after Thompson's logo: a clenched fist, holding a peyote button, rising from the hilt of a dagger. It was built between his Colorado home and a tree-covered canyon wall. The guests gathered in a pavilion next to the platform. Inside were blow up sex dolls and a mask of Thompson's arch enemy, late President Richard Nixon."
Whee -- did we Americans ever dodge a bullet! Can you imagine the derision we would be receiving from the Euro-weenies about now, if they heard about our President at a funeral with sex dolls and drug trappings? Almost as much as when President Clinton was courting Monica with a cigar -- NO? Oh Lordy, those Rubes in the Red States certainly did us all a big favor, by sparing us from such calumny. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! We got George Bush instead - real fireworks instead of funereal imitations.

Monday, August 22, 2005

"Stop Global Jetting!"

Says Greg Gutfeld at the Huff and Puffington Blog!
No wonder they call him "Gutsy Greg" over there. At Arianna's very own blog, Greg is impertinently asking about her precious holiday at Ravello and Amalfi: "How does it feel to have seagull blood on your hands?" Greg has even conjured up a petition for everyone to sign:

THE PETITION: We, the undersigned, STRONGLY URGE A TOTAL AND COMPLETE BAN ON THE USE OF PRIVATE JETS. Private jets are an unjust and ultimately harmful method of transportation. A single take-off can produce more harmful pollutants than 100 cars driving 200 miles in three hours. This is bad for our planet. It is bad for our children. It is bad for innocent birds sucked into jet engines. It is also bad for women and minorities who are already marginalized by a lack of economic opportunity - the kind that makes it difficult for them to afford private jets in the first place (we call this the "airspace ceiling"). We urge everyone in America, primarily those who are wealthy enough to enjoy chartered private jets, to denounce the use of said jets. We cannot let these planes take off while our planet slowly dies. And birds too. " END OF PETITION.

How often do we consider that those Celebes who are in the forefront of banning the use of oil, are the very ones who take private planes instead of "fuel conserving" air busses where they would have to breathe in the same air that you breathe. In addition they prefer to sun bathe on diesel-guzzling yachts rather than on public beaches where they risk having sand kicked in their beautiful faces by the ugly. Greg is calling for a ban on all travel that creates emissions - whether jet, air, yacht or cruise ship. Save the birds he says. He is calling for some creative person to invent a "sustainable" method of transit:

-It can't be horses, since the methane they produce is extremely harmful to our environment. -it can't be walking, since paths and trails inevitably cause erosion. And we haven't even factored the harm our feet do to small plant life, insects, and lizards. ... THINK OF THE LEGLESS LIZARDS! The only answer I can see, is to take inspiration from Deepak Chopra's views on life, and kill yourself. Since we're already dead anyway, simply commit suicide ...
Suicide -the only rational alternative, when you truly consider a life without oil emissions and with a universal ban on the harming of living creatures and the environment.

Shunned by San Francisco

No one leaves his heart in San Francisco anymore for fear that it would turn into a chicken's liver.

Battleship Iowa
The image here of the Battleship Iowa firing just one of its NINE such 16inch/50 caliber Mark 7 guns, with two rounds of a 2,700 pound armor piercing and a 1,900 pound high capacity shore bombardment projectile, is the reason she is being rejected by the San Franciscans. The first shell is capable of penetrating up to 32 feet of reinforced concrete. The second round carries a high-explosive charge of 154 pounds. The maximum range of the big guns is 25 miles when fired with the normal propelling charge of 660 pounds, with a muzzle velocity of 2,690 feet per second. WOW!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


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Double Deep Doo-Doo

Can any American be a successful Supreme Court justice who shows so little worshipful idolatry for Hollywood's anointed ones? Read on:

Last week I wrote about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' distaste for the antics of Michael Jackson as far back as the Reagan administration, in "Roberts Dissed the King". As that was more than twenty years ago, when Jackson was still white, I postulated that his "dissing" attitude may be a reason that the Democrats are opposed to Roberts now.

Things are now getting worse as newly released documents are revealing that John Roberts exhibited a very low regard for some of the most famous icons of Hollywood. In fact, it appears that Ronald Reagan was probably the only screen actor that John Roberts could abide. Now Judge John Roberts is really in knee-high, deep doo-doo with the Democrats, as where would they be without the love and support from their Hollywood cronies. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank is at it again with "Roberts's Rules of Decorum - No Hobnobbing With Celebs, and Absolutely No Michael Jackson". According to the columnist, after advising President Reagan even further about Michael Jackson, John Roberts went on to "diss" even Bing Crosby and John Wayne, writing that the American president should not offer words of remembrance about them.
On April 30, 1984, Roberts wrote to oppose a presidential award that was to have been given to Jackson for his efforts against drunk driving. Roberts particularly objected to award wording that described Jackson as an "outstanding example" for American youth. Roberts wrote: "If one wants the youth of America and the world sashaying around in garish sequined costumes, hair dripping with pomade, body shot full of female hormones to prevent voice change, mono-gloved, well, then, I suppose 'Michael,' as he is affectionately known in the trade, is in fact a good example. Quite apart from the problem of appearing to endorse Jackson's androgynous life style, a Presidential award would be perceived as a shallow effort by the President to share in the constant publicity surrounding Jackson. . . . The whole episode would, in my view, be demeaning to the President."
Roberts Dissed the King

Daughters of Allah

The ancient Arabians worshipped the Moon God who married the Sun Goddess and they produced three goddesses, Al-lat, Al-luzza and Manat. The three daughters of the Moon God came to be worshipped as - the daughters of Allah, because that was the name of the Moon God. Sura 23:91 proclaims "Say not that Allah Begot a Son".

Jack Chick Tracts

Friday, August 19, 2005

Ban the Koran!

From Courthouses - Save Muslim Lives.
The ACLU and CAIR are in a legal battle demanding that the Koran be placed in courthouses in North Carolina. Currently the law allows people to swear oaths upon the Bible, or to solemnly affirm. People may also swear "so help me God" without the use of a Bible. Of course Korans in the courtroom is a lunatic idea, but no more than the United States Army at Guantanamo Bay providing Korans for the detainees there, and creating a special “Code of Conduct” that American soldiers must follow in order to "respect the dignity of the Koran". It’s fine to pass around the Christian Bible, stuff it in a duffle bag, even drop it on the floor, but handling the Koran required the writing of an official order, Section 6-5-c(3) of "Detention Operations Group Standard Operating Procedures" for Gitmo.

Well at least, the thousands of courthouses throughout the great land of America will have an example to follow when the boxes of Korans arrive. The U.S. Army’s standard operating procedure is: "Handle the Koran as if it were a fragile piece of delicate art." If courts take their cue from our military, they will have to begin with having only Muslims unpack the boxes of holy books. Whenever a Koran is brought into the courtroom to be sworn upon, it can only be carried by a Muslim. Even picked up, or moved, requires a Muslim. May heaven help the cleaning crew who doesn't know the rules! Many new careers will be opening up at American courthouses; however only Muslims need apply.

In an emergency, if no person of Islamic faith is available, and as a last resort, a pig, dog or "kafir" (Christian, Jew or non-believer) may touch the Koran, but only after donning clean gloves and using both hands at all times, without showing favoritism to the “really unclean” left hand. Before moving the Koran, the pig, dog or “kafir” is prohibited from manipulating any part of it with the left hand, because of Islamic association of the left hand … etc. Once the Koran is removed by the gloved, yet still unclean pig, dog or “kafir”, it then must be placed inside a clean, dry towel. This is according to Islamic law which lists ten “najis things”. Among them are urine, feces, other bodily excretions, the pig, the dog and the “kafir”. Considering the punishment for disrespecting the Koran, even accidentally, one wonders how many pigs, dogs or “kafirs” will be willing to pinch-hit when Mr. Ali doesn't show up for work.

The United States Army at Guantanamo has already surrendered to a voluntary, self-loathing by admitting that its soldiers are unclean. Will courthouses throughout the United States do the same? How many people will die whenever there is rumor that somewhere an unclean courthouse employee touched a Koran? How outrageous would it be to bring the Koran into the American court of law? It is a book that some Muslims interpret as giving them license to commit mayhem and murder upon unbelievers, such as the citizens of the United States. Would we not be giving our enemies (without even selling for a profit) the rope with which to hang us all?

No Korans = No Defamation
Linked at WizBang Blog's 'Carnival of the Trackbacks XXV' and basil's blog Brunch: 8/20/2005.

Behold - Muslim Extremism

And It's Pathetic Attempts to Terrorize!
Today are news reports ( that a missile flew over the bow of the USS Ashland in Aqaba, Jordan. An Al Qaeda-linked group says it was behind the rocket attack that missed two American warships in the port city south of Amman. However, they did manage to murder one Jordanian soldier,

Once again the world of Muslim jihadists humiliates itself. Trying to explode stationary United States naval vessels while docked, the rockets of the Allah-inspired missed. Al Qaeda's best and brightest couldn’t even do any harm from their terrorist nest in Jordon while lobbing explosives at tiny Israel. The only person who was visited by the wrath of Allah was himself an innocent Muslim soldier. The world of Arabs and Muslims has not been able to produce much of worth in the last 500 years or so, but they have invented very innovative techniques of terrorism, that others cannot equal. Lacking the ability to produce (their own oil industry is run by Westerners and the West’s technology), they find solace in visiting death and destruction upon the producers. In an article entitled "Saving Arabs from Themselves", David Gutmann describes their shame: “They have no science to speak of, no art, hardly any industry save oil, very little literature, and portentous music which consists largely of lugubrious songs celebrating the slaughter of Jews.

As the world has become a smaller and smaller place to live, the radical Muslim cannot help but compare his own society to that of other nations, with their elite minds of Christians, Jews, women and even atheists who are able to create ideas to better the lives of their fellow countrymen. Instead of realizing that their own backwardness has been brought about by silencing those voices in their societies, they take refuge in a sense of spiritual superiority, and their ability to rally thousands of true believers to destroy the West while destroying themselves. The West has put the Muslim Arab cultures to shame and all that is left for them is their knowledge that they are inferior to the West. This is why they try to destroy what has been created by Westerners.

Now, even their most prideful achievement, terrorism, is being eroded and weakened. Each attack they make is ever more pitiful than the last. It is the result of the far superior technology, information and dedication to the cause of survival of the West. And it will be the far superior West who will have to "save Arabs from themselves", as even in that regard, they are not up to the task.

Ruffles and Flourishes to Dr. Sanity. Wizbang Blog has a very good post explaining just how enormous in size were these two vessels that the mighty Al Qaeda warriors failed to hit: "Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen". Linked at The Political Teen.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bush Fights Back

From Jerhad!com comes this breaking news:
CRAWFORD, Texas --- President Bush announced the formation of a protest group order to voice his outrage over the liberal invasion of America. The group will be dedicated to the withdrawal of liberal troops from America. "This is an unjust war on America," said Bush. "It's an illegal and unjust war. Instead of fighting conservatives, all this group is doing is encouraging the further recruitment of conservatives. They have to fight conservatives like they fight terrorists. With love, warmth, understanding, and fresh baked cookies. ... Let's be honest. Their real goal isn't to get us out of Iraq with their invasion and occupation of America. They just want our hemp. No blood for hemp is what I say. That's the real liberal agenda here. They don't understand that their actions caused people to become conservatives in the first place. ... The longer they occupy America, the easier it is for conservatives to find more recruits."

Escape from West Texas

We've all come into the late-summer dog days of August, when everyone awaits a break in the sweltering heat and begins to think of the crispness of the autumn to come. If President Bush believed that he could escape the Washington media by building his vacation home on the bleak west Texas plain, this year did not turn out as he planned. A gold star mother has made camp in the blazing heat of dusty Crawford, Texas. The news people seem stuck to her like flies to flypaper, as they always seem when they are swarming about their "darlings of the moment". Eight years ago we were hearing round-the-clock eulogies to the departed Princess Diana. Four years ago, Congressman Gary Condit was the talk of the town in the disappearance of his young lover. Gary Condit was quickly forgotten when came the second week of September, bringing with it the infamous September 11th. Just last year John Kerry's Vietnam record was on our minds. Then came early November and nobody cared any longer, especially John Kerry.

This Cindy Sheehan media circus cannot last. August will soon be over and the President will return to his Washington home. Sooner than anyone expects, something will happen to cause the national media to hasten to another event. We will be compelled once again to face the real war we are in, which is now going into its fifth year. Somewhere -- New York, Madrid, London, Washington, or elsewhere -- will come the next attack, which is likely in the making. When that happens, these lazy, hazy dog days of August will be but a distant memory. Cindy Sheehan’s tent will be folded and she will be left alone and abandoned by her now adoring fans.

So for the rest of August, stop reading the newspapers and blogs, turn off the TV, and take time to understand the founding documents of our nation. They are all free to read at The Library of Congress and National Archives.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fallen Heroes

Casey Sheehan Remembered ~~ Army Specialist Casey Sheehan gave his life on 4 April 2004, during "Operation Iraqi Freedom". It is quite worthwhile to read the page that honors him at Honor the Fallen. Any mother losing such a son would grieve terribly, as should any nation. Pray for his mother, Cindy Sheehan, that she may be comforted. Pray for us all.

Bush Twins to Iraq

Andrew Bacevich, is a College of Arts and Sciences professor of international relations and director of the Center for International Relations at Boston University, and a retired Army colonel to boot. It is he who has called upon President Bush to order his twins to war, writing "If this is such a great cause, let us see one of the Bush daughters in uniform."

I have not the erudition nor the military experience of the professor, so perhaps I should not argue with his logic. When I was a young women all about me, my male contemporaries were being drafted and sent to fight in Asia. Because draft boards across the land were not entirely fair, citizens demanded a solution to the injustice of conscription and eventually a volunteer military force came into existence. No women were drafted in those days. In fact, women have never been subjected to involuntary service in the U.S. In theory, every American young man, was subject to being called to duty. That is no longer the case. Today our nation is guarded by a professional army of warriors. Yet those on the left who cast a pall of scorn over all things military during the Vietnam era, now are claiming that America's "support for the troops" mentality is threatening democracy. Professor Andrew Bacevich is one.

The Bush Administration has chosen to prosecute this war in a way that the average citizen won’t feel the burden ... . The global war on terrorism, a task that’s supposed to be equal to that of the greatest generation, is being fought by 0.5 per cent of the citizenry — predominantly people who don’t exercise a lot of clout in our domestic politics.” Bacevich is calling for the revival of the "citizen-soldier", which is exactly what we had before the country was torn apart by the leftists during the 1960s. He wants support for the war on terrorism to come from all sectors of society. “Then they need to put their money where their mouth is and encourage their children to join. If this is such a great cause, let us see one of the Bush daughters in uniform. That would send a powerful message.” (The New Yorker)

For the president to send one his daughters off to war would be an outrage. Neither of them is a warrior, nor has shown any interest in becoming one. Each one is also an adult and should have the freedom to decide her own fate, as should all Americans. The professor is certainly entitled to his views and to oppose the war, but it is quite ingenuous to call for what thirty years ago those on his side were railing against - universal conscription! Where is the logic?

Roberts Dissed the King

Dana Milbank has a story, "Request Denied", in today's Washington Post which reveals probably the main reason that the Liberal Democrats are trying to Bork the new Supreme Court nominee. There were recent headlines that the Reagan Library was releasing thousands of pages of documents from the time of John Roberts' service in the Reagan White House. Republicans have been on tenderhooks since the announcement. Found tucked amongst the thousands of pages was a collection of memos by a young lawyer named John Roberts which give damning evidence about his efforts two decades ago to "diss" Hollywood's own darling (at that time), King of Pop Michael Jackson.

The sarcasm dripped from the young lawyer's pen as he wrote on June 22, 1984, advising President Reagan: "The office of presidential correspondence is not yet an adjunct of Michael Jackson's PR firm ... enough is enough." The memo was in response to Michael Jackson's publicist requesting a presidential letter praising the star's work against drunken driving. Whipper-snapper Roberts even sent another memo continuing in the same disrespectful vein, "I see no need to have the president send a letter to Mr. Jackson, simply because Mr. Jackson's public relations firm has requested one." Take that, you dancing fool!

However, Jackson and his entourage did not recognize the "dissing" even when the glove was shaken in their faces. Instead, they made a new request. Would the honorable Ronald Reagan be pleased to send a letter to the most honorable "Gloved One" thanking the singer for performing in Washington and for providing 400 tickets for '"needy youngsters". When the request hit the conservative Robert's desk, he immediately dipped his writing quill into that ever ready inkpot of sarcasm and wrote to his superior, Fred Fielding: "I hate to sound like one of Mr. Jackson's records, constantly repeating the same refrain, but I recommend that we not approve this letter. . . . Frankly, I find the obsequious attitude of some members of the White House staff toward Mr. Jackson's attendants, and the fawning posture they would have the president of the United States adopt, more than a little embarrassing."

Roberts plunged and twisted the "dissing" knife even deeper into the heart of the Jackson folks by writing that not only was Michael Jackson being denied the requested letter, but that his Washington tour was not a charitable gesture, but "was a calculated commercial decision that does not warrant gratitude from our nation's chief executive." Michael Jackson was still a black man then, and John Roberts dissed him, his dancing and his music. And this before the public had ever been exposed to the bizarre Michael Jackson lifestyle! Now we all know the real reason that the Democrats are out to get John Roberts - revenge for his long ago "dissing" of the King of Pop.

Van der Sloot Friends

Joran Van der Sloot, who has reportedly told investigators conflicting stories about what happened the night that teenager Natalee Holloway went missing, has defenders in New Jersey. A mother and daughter who claim to know him and his family very well, have come to his defense. Considering a previous post I made about the Holloway case, "Too Much Fun", I commend this holiday in Aruba as an example of the right way for a young teenager to visit; with her parents. Yet one cannot help wondering about these particular parents after reading and watching the interview.

The sixteen year old daughter says that drinking and partying are normal for teens. She claims to have dated Joran Van der Sloot and has the snapshots to prove it. While the mother brags that her daughter finally rejected him, the viewer is wondering about how old she was when that occurred, as she is now only sixteen. Although the time line is unclear, it seems to have been at least a year ago, and maybe more, as they tell about both families travelling back and forth visiting each other. The teenage daughter cannot refrain from telling the world that she and Joran lived together for three weeks. Perhaps it was all innocent, such as the Van der Sloot family members were houseguests of the New Jersey family. All I can be sure of is that people so often appear to be lunatics when interviewed by these TV commentators. In this case, it is likely these two really are. Unless, of course, teenage girls of today have usually observed enough drunkeness in others, as to be authorities on such behavior. The quotes following are from the mother-daughter duo, Cathy and Shelby Cadmus, on MSNBC's Dan Abrams Show. (Video and Transcript)
S. CADMUS [daughter]: Yes. Once I got home, we e-mailed and everything. I was very infatuated by him. He’s a very romantic guy. I mean, he had a list of top 10 things he wanted to do in his life, and number one was “sit under the stars with one I love.” That’s just the kind of guy he was.

ABRAMS: You ever see him drunk?

S. CADMUS: Yes, actually I have.


S. CADMUS: Not violent at all. A goofy, fun, funny drunk.

ABRAMS: He wasn’t one of these people — I mean, there are some people when they drink a lot, they really come to be different people than they were sober.

S. CADMUS: Not at all. Because I know people who do become different people when they’re drunk, and Joran is not one of them.

ABRAMS: Do you know how often he drinks? Sort of drinks to get drunk, et cetera?

S. CADMUS: Parties, clubs. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everybody knows teenagers drink. They’re going to drink. That’s how kids are these days. Nothing out of the ordinary — a normal teenage boy.

ABRAMS: There’s been suggestions from Natalee’s mother that Joran and his friends would basically sit at this bar and prey on women.

C. CADMUS [mother]: Joran was a very bright young student. How could he have possibly gotten a scholarship to a college if he was busy sitting at bars all the time the way they’re making him out to be? He was no different than my three children or any other teenagers I know today. Well, yes, they partied, they had a good time. But he knew when to stop and when to settle down and what else to do.
The Duct Tape Strangler, New News on Natalee, Holloway Blogs Boycott, Holloway, Van der Sloot Fathers, Too Much Fun
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Massachusetts - Always Consistent

MENTAL SCREENINGS FOR RETURNING SOLDIERS is being suggested by lawmakers, according to today's "BOSTON GLOBE". Massachusetts officials are considering mandatory mental health screenings for National Guardsmen returning from Iraq. There is already full mandatory mental-health screening nationwide for full-service members of the Army, Air Force and Marines and usually involves only answering a questionnaire. This concern follows the case of Daniel Cotnoir, the 33-year-old Marine sergeant charged with firing a shotgun into a crowd of raucous partiers outside his Lawrence home this week. He is suspected of suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, which occurs following the witnessing of a life-threatening experience such as military combat. Symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks, depression and estrangement.

Will the liberal commonwealth continue with its consistance and require drug testing and screening for citizens returning from Columbia and the Caribean? Will there be terrorist screening for Muslims coming in from Saudi Arabia and Syria? We will wait and see. Meanwhile, Massachusetts, may begin to wonder why returning soldiers and their families choose to return to a more "southern" state to continue their lives; a place where the government demonstrates a more welcoming attitute towards them.

Just for the record, the disorder that is described as "post-traumatic stress" is not a disorder visited only upon soldiers. Fox News recently reported "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Widely Diagnosed". When Massachusetts finally realizes that fact will its legislature require the entire population to undergo mental screening?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Meet Jack Schitt

There are a lot of people who don't know Mr. Jack Schitt, so I would like to remedy that, if you are one of them. There are many who also don't know the true etymology of a certain word that sounds the same as Jack's surname. Continue reading to learn the true origin of that very vulgar word before you go off to finally meet Jack Schitt.

Beginning about 1999, there have been stories passing around the Internet of the word's origin. There were claims about exploding ships, 'bad smelling steamship fuel', methane gas or organic fertilizer, in attempts to concoct an innocent explanation for the beloved vulgar term of potty-mouths. Apparently, they were only tales from the wild imaginings of a linguistic retentive hoaxter, as the word is much more ancient than any of the false explanations. has the real story:
"The word shit entered modern English language derived from the Old English nouns scite and the Middle Low German schite, both meaning 'dung,' and the Old English noun scitte, meaning 'diarrhea.' Our most treasured cuss word has been with us a long time, showing up in written works both as a noun and as a verb as far back as the 14th century.

"Scite can trace its roots back to the proto-Germanic root skit-, which brought us the German scheisse, Dutch schijten, Swedish skita, and Danish skide. Skit- comes from the Indo-European root skheid- for 'split, divide, separate,' thus shit is distantly related to schism and schist. (If you're wondering what a verb root for the act of separating one thing from another would have to do with excrement, it was in the sense of the body's eliminating its waste 'a separating' from it, so to speak. Sort of the opposite of today's 'getting one's shit together.')
Now you can go eat lunch.

Gun Toting Pilots

Would you want to fly on this plane piloted by the NRA's own? If the bullets can pierce body armor, what happens to the "unarmored" body of the aircraft? Down, down, down we go ...
Ruffles and Flourishes to American Daughter, who always seems to find stuff that tickles my funny bone.

Harry Potter Sent to Gitmo!

WASHINGTON (World Peace Herald) -- Harry Potter's worldwide popularity is so broad-based that it has become favorite reading for Islamic terror suspects at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay. Lori, who for two years has overseen the detention center's library, said J.K. Rowling's tales about the boy wizard are on top of the request list for the camp's 520 al Qaeda and Taliban suspects, followed by Agatha Christie whodunits.

"We've got a few who are kind of hooked on it. A couple have asked if they can see the movie," said Lori, a civilian contractor who asked that her last name not be publicized.

Lori said she is compiling a list to provide to various lawmakers in Washington, who recently visited the prison at the U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as part of a congressional delegation investigating accusations of torture. A U.S. military investigation last month concluded that no torture has taken place since the prison opened in early 2002.
OH - No torture at Guantanamo? Very obviously the Herald World Peace did not interview Congressman James Moran, (Democrat, Virginia 8th District). Incidentally, this reminds me once again why I no longer have to be embarrassed by my representative in the House of Representatives. It is NO LONGER HIM! Ruffles and Flourishes to American Daughter who posted this from the August 4, 2005 issue of the Arlington Sun Gazette:
"Just back from a one-day trip to the U.S. military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, U.S. Rep. Jim Moran on Tuesday declared himself satisfied with the conditions at the controversial facility .... 'I'd like to see the detainees encouraged to read more than just the Koran,' Moran said. 'These are impressionable young men in their early 20s, kids really, and I'd like to see them expanding their minds.' Moran added that he was disappointed to see the center located on such prime real estate. 'It does seem like a questionable use of some of the most beautiful property in the world,' he said. "The detainees never even see the water.'
Ah the injustice of it all! Islamist terrorists being sent to the vacation paradise of Guantanamo Bay without being allowed to sun bathe on the beach. What will those mean ole meanies, Rumsfeld and his Army buds, come up with next for cruel and unusual punishment? Maybe they will take away the detainees' second favorite book, "Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince". Probably the good Congressman Moran didn't mean to imply that at all. He probably meant to say by using the phrase "questionable use" of Gitmo, that it would be a better "use" to return the "most beautiful property in the world" to Cuba and Castro.

I Love Gitmo

Friday, August 12, 2005

Hatred's Roots

Why do they hate us? Well -- why do they hate the Jews? On November 17, 2003 Natan Sharansky wrote this piece on "Hatred's Roots" for the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal. It is worth reading still.

On Hating the Jews
The inextricable link between anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism

Abortion is the Losing Way

Here is more evidence that respect for the sanctity of life is gaining much ground in the land. This comes on the heels of published reports that financial contributions to pro-abortion groups are way down from levels of the past. Good News!
My Way News: "WASHINGTON (AP) - An abortion rights group is withdrawing a heavily criticized television ad that linked John Roberts to violent anti-abortion activists, saying its attempt to illuminate the Supreme Court nominee's record has been 'misconstrued.' After protests by conservatives, NARAL Pro-Choice America said Thursday night it would pull the ad that began running this week.
It was disgust by its own supporters that convinced NARAL that the commercial was false and unfair. The advertisement condemned Supreme Court nominee John Roberts and linked him with anti-abortion violence, because fourteen years ago in 1991, while serving as a government lawyer, he prepared anti-abortion briefs.

Abortion-rights supporter Senator Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, had urged the pro-abortion group to withdraw the ad, writing that it was "blatantly untrue and unfair. The NARAL advertisement is not helpful to the pro-choice cause which I support." At least one station had refused to run the ad. Management of WABI-TV in Bangor reported: "After careful thoughtful analysis, we determined the ad was at worst false, and at best misleading".

"This ad grossly distorts the record of John Roberts from start to finish. It has only one goal: to associate John Roberts with violent extremists", said Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah. While many Republicans solons condemned the ad, no Senate Democrats have taken a position on it. The top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, told the AP that it would have no effect on senators. Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York said: "I believe that television advertisements are not the point, and should not be the focus of debate or discussion."

No wonder they are losing! Remember the bracelet (picture) that NOW (National Organization of Women) offered for Mother's Day 2005? Abortion Bracelet for Mother's Day

I Believe in the The Sanctity of Life
Feminism Never Killed Anyone?
Reshaping Abortion
Little Miss Atilla

Perhaps Mother Teresa is helping the cause from her lofty post in Heaven. "The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts -- a child -- as a competitor, an intrusion, and an inconvenience."--Mother Theresa

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Sandy "in my pants" Berger

Cartoon by Mark Dean, Dr. Sanity wants to know Why Was Berger's Sentencing Postponed?