Monday, June 13, 2005

Send a Message to Michael

Did they run out of rockets, or did they all land on the Sun? Comrade Tovarich wants to know!
"InakaYabanjin: Were the Rockets Shot into the Sun?:
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This is just a brief post to mark the passing of one of my favorite weblogs, Shooting Rockets at the Sun, which has apparently been taken down. For two or three weeks now, I had been hoping it was all just some kind of Blogger error, but one that drags on for that long? Not likely, so the writer(s) of it must have taken it down, thus depriving the world, or at least this reader, of a bit of political input but mainly entertaining and personal anecdotes (so refreshingly apolitical!) and observations as well as intriguing thoughts and stimuli. And the Sherman Hemsley post that really started it all for me? I'm still speechless in awe.

It's not to much to say that the blog was, 'Movin' on up,' and ,'[It] finally [was about to get] a piece of the pie.'

The weblog's main writer would surely be happy to hear that I recently spotted a new women's bag with a few faux luggage tags painted onto it, one of which read 'Kiss my grits!'"
Kerfuffles expects that it is even worse. Michael is probably on hiatus somewhere writing the Great American Novel.

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