Thursday, June 02, 2005

Palace at Turtle Bay

The New Libertarian has posted the June 1st edition of their slick e-magazine. The headline story is "The Turtle Bay Puzzle Palace (PDF), Taking a closer look at the UN". It is quite amazing how well turned out and how simple to view these PDF files are now. They are much easier than creating web pages. Kerfuffles is a blog member of the Neo-Libertarian Network. Unfortunately the TLN has mispelled my name, and although I have contacted them about it, they do not seem to mind that grievous error. It is probably a Libertarian thing. I am just as bad when it comes to spelling Libertarian, which I constantly confuse the "a's" and the "e's". I suppose it is because I think of myself as having the political views of my "far removed" cousin Tom, the sage of Monticello. However, I did read the definition of a Neo-Libertarian at their site, and I qualified as I seem to be both a Pragmatic Domestic Libertarian (strong on defense), and a Big-Tent Libertarian.

Kerfuffles even has its own blog set up there at the TLN, check it out: How cool is that? Looks much more professional than the "real Kerfuffles".

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