Saturday, June 18, 2005


According to information at The Campaign Store, where this "delightful" image is offered as a bumper sticker, the terrorists and suspected terrorists at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility are treated better than U.S prisoners here at home who are jailed for less serious offenses. They give a typical menu for a detainee at GITMO as:
* Orange Glazed Chicken
* Rice Pilaf
* Steamed Peas & Mushrooms
* Fruit Roupee
By comparison, they state that American troops guarding the detainees at GITMO are served a vacuum packed MRE (Meals Ready to Eat). We do not not feed MREs to the suspected terrorists, because Congress has declared that would be considered “abuse”, according to The Campaign Store. They write that on the Muslim holiday of Ramadan the terrorists and suspected terrorists at Guantanamo are fed lamb with honey and dates and provided with prayer beads and prayer oil, all courtesy of American taxpayers. They quote Congressman Duncan Hunter as saying "if you did that for American GI's - if you had a call to prayer five times a day - the ACLU would sue on the basis that we violated the separation between church and state." Hattip to Dr. Sanity.

I would like to add my two cents worth regarding the myriad rules for handling of the Koran by the soldier guards. The requirement that the soldiers wear gloves when handling the "the Holy Book, of Islam", is because they are considered "infidels" and all "infidels" are "UNCLEAN". Therefore, the U.S. government is agreeing with the Muslims world-wide and the Koran that American non-Muslims are UNCLEAN. The same goes for the rule that American guards must handle the Koran with only their gloved right hand. This is catering to a belief of Muslims that the left hand is always considered unclean, and is the reason that they refer to other cultures and their non-Muslim enemies as "They of the Left Hand."

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