Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bryd is Born Again

"Hyer me all you Evangelicals out there! Hyer me." ~~Senator Robert Byrd

Be it ever so curious that our American lawmakers exempt themselves from the rules, regulations and laws that the rest of us have imposed upon us by those same anoited ones. In this day and age, we can include the judiciary branch of government as lawmakers too, as that is what they end up doing all too often. All over the country schools and governments are prohibited from having any mention of religion lest they be breaking some obscure rule known as "separation of church and state". Yet in the United States Senate, a Solon can expound for hours on end about religion, just as Senator Robert Byrd did last month.

He claimed to be "born again" at the Missionary Baptist Chruch at Crab Orchard, West Virginia. Praise the Lord that the term, "born again" is not meant literally, as the thought of the reincarnation of Senator Byrd for another generation in Washington is too much to bear. Here he is preaching a sermon on the Book of Esther from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible right on the Senate floor. You can hear the audio from RadioBlogger. This man knows his Bible! Somehow he sees those who oppose the filibuster as likely to be strung up at the same gallows as were those "wormy Hamanizers" who stirred up trouble thousands of years ago in the Book of Esther. Or is it the Democrats on the gallows? Who knows - who cares? If this audio does not convince you of the need for "Term Limits" in the Congress, nothing will. Come on, West Virginia - carry this man back to his "almost heaven" home. But until the mountaineers do, you can always get your Bible lesson right on the floor of the United States Senate from Reverend "Born Again" Byrd. Hat tip to Jeff

"Robert Byrd's wacky homily on the Book of Esther to justify filibuster

I first heard of Byrd's rambling eisegesis (antonym of "exegesis"... don't mean to jargonize, this is the only appropriate word) of the Book of Esther tonight on the Hugh Hewitt Show. It truly has to be heard to be believed - words fail me. Byrd uses the Bible to rationalize the unprecedented Democrat filibuster of Bush's judicial nominees. Go to and look for the "byrdesther" link to listen to the mp3 file. Update: It is getting hard to find, so here is a direct link - with apologies to RadioBlogger for leaching."
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