Wednesday, June 15, 2005

American Daughter Blogs Iran

I wonder how many people in the U.S. know when the War on Terror actually began. It was about twenty-five years ago in the days of Jimmy Carter when the Shah of Iran was toppled and American hostages taken. Since that time until September 11th, 2001, the Islamo-fascist movement had been tolerated as just another fly in the ointment of civilization. For a while, the free world was much too busy fighting the evil of communism, which was attempting to enslave the human mind and heart. God bless us, we had strong leaders who came forth such as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II, and we won that battle.

Yet after the threat of Communism passed, we downsized our fighting machine and hoped for world peace, believing the myth that such was possible. The Muslim terrorist movement continued striking our military, our citizens abroad and at home, and wherever they could. We threatened legal action, nothing more. The battle was finally joined on a summer day in 2001, when President Bush did NOT send in a team of lawyers to avenge the deaths of so many thousands of our citizens. Now we fight "mano-a-mano" these murderous gangs of thugs - the Islamo-fascists. The Holy Koran is their "Manifesto" and reading it literally, they follow its teachings to kill all infidels and Jews. For twenty-five long years the people of Iran have been living under leadership of these religious maniacs. Most of the Iranian people yearn for democracy and freedom here on earth, far more than they want seventy-two virgins in heaven. They need help. Share the blessings of freedom to all of God's children. If you can, read the stories of modern life in today's Iran at American Daughter Media Center. Discover how very fortunate you are to live instead in a land founded upon Christian principles of justice and humanity. Warnings - the stories and pictures are gruesome, for example:
"Shifteh Speaks (In English)--Popular Iranian singer Shifteh speaks out against the tyranny of the mullahs. She urges freedom and democracy for the people of Iran. She warns her listeners not to be deceived once more by Rafsanjani's lies and deceits. You can read the transcript of her speech or watch the video

"Plucking Eyes
-- The practice of plucking eyes as a form of punishment was introduced by the sadistic Islamo-fascist mullahs when they seized power in Iran in 1979.

"A Cry From The Heart--" When the mullahs stone hundreds women they stone me. When the mullahs cut the hand of the student, they cut my hand." This is a passionate plea from an Iranian woman. Watch the video or just read the transcript of her speech ..."
An American Daughter! What a great defender of justice and liberty to have on one's side.

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