Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bill Maher & Jesse Jackson

Anti-Christian, anti-American Bill Maher has admonished the Reverend Jesse Jackson for his belated role in supporting the Schindler family's fight to save their daughter. Maher is totally bewildered as to why the Christian minister would risk such a stand, knowing that it could result in black voters turning Republican. Jesse, why could you not play the role of Judas, for the Democrats sake? Oh Reverend Jesse, you have really disappointed Bill! Trey Jackson, of Jackson's Journal, presents the evidence. Watch the Video!

The self-described political humorist lectured the black activist; "How could you, of all people, throw in with the likes of Tom Delay and Rick Santorum? Reverend Jackson responded; "I threw in with Terri, who I felt had been induced to die through starvation and dehydration, for which I found no moral and ethical foundation". Maher whined on: "But you know that the Republicans are trying to make inroads to the black vote, through the Christian Right, because a lot of black folks go to church and are susceptible to that appeal? Don't you think that you are providing yourself as a bridge for that? The Reverend, true to form, lambasted the Republicans for everything from saving fetuses to interfering with the Schiavo case and the Florida Courts. However, he said ".... Terri's a person, and in her request for food and water, a particular concern that I had, I still am glad that I stood with her and her family."

Bill continued, wondering why Christians do not prove their beliefs in a hereafter, and just die, as the Pope did. "I don't understand how the people who claim to be most spiritual seem most reluctant to get on to the next life." Reverend Jackson reminded him that the Pope had received every life-saving treatment available. Of course, Bill disagreed. Watch the Video and try to find the "humor".

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