Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Liberals Define a Hero

as someone lacking in personal character who acts in his own self interest instead of paying the price of his heroism; as someone who speaks anonymously in the shadows instead of to a grand jury or to the voters. That is the definition of Mark Felt, aka "Deep Throat", according to Brendan Miniter's OpinionJournal "Hero or not, Mark Felt did America a great service", June 7, 2005.

Miniter writes that Mark Felt is not someone we would want young people to emulate. However, even though Mr. Felt acted for his own selfish reasons, his unlawful and immoral actions resulted in great benefit to the morality of the nation. He explains:
"At the time of Watergate, the nation had just suffered through the moral upheaval of the 1960s: antiwar activism, the hippy rebellion, political assassinations. It's notable here that the first story Mr. Felt helped Bob Woodward on was an assassination attempt on George Wallace. Earlier Mr. Felt had tipped Mr. Woodward off that Vice President Spiro Agnew had accepted a bribe--a charge Mr. Woodward had been unable to corroborate, but that ultimately led to Agnew's resignation."
The nation's moral down slide seems to have begun in 1960, when Richard Nixon was the victim of a "stolen election" by the Kennedy machine. Rather than subject the country to a bitter recount, as Al Gore did later in 2000, Nixon graciously conceded to John Kennedy. However, by the time Nixon won the presidency in 1968, instead of providing much-needed moral leadership, he was instead, ready to play down and dirty in the game of politics. Besides, he had J. Edgar Hoover as FBI director.

Some insiders finally realized that the corruption of the Nation's government had to end, and they began it with the repudiation of President Nixon, the highest officer implicated in the Watergate scandals. It took decades to restore a semblance of honesty in the Presidency. Jimmy Carter did his part, being indisputably an honest man. Then came Ronald Reagan. Those two presidents constructed the groundwork necessary to return the nation to its former standards of morality, as had been promised by the Founders. Mark Felt, right hand man of J. Edgar Hoover, should never be tauted as a hero, reluctant or otherwise, as his actions have always been those of a self-serving coward. Fortunately in the long run, the hand of Providence seems to have interceded in behalf of a nation, grateful not to the likes of Mark Felt and his ilk, but to Providence.

W. Mark Felt: Watergate "Deep Throat" and Alleged "Hero" = ME, Pique, Ego, Disloyalty, Opportunism, Self-Importance, Greed, Book Deal, Crass Politics, Disrespect and .... Liberal Approval. Cartoons by Nowak

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