Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Truth About the Hillary Book

There is certainly something fishy about this book by Edward Klein. The timing is absolutely perfect - for Hillary's presidential campaign. The charges are so outrageous and impossible to verify, that no one can believe them. When the real truth about Hillary comes out during the campaign, it will be tarnished with the tainted brush of this book's accusations. Peggy Noonan, who has read the book, retitles it "Eine Kleine Biographie". What to do about it? Don't buy it! Don't dump on it! Don't quote the charges! That is their plan; that is what they expect conservatives will do, writes Peggy Noonan:
"In terms of political impact it is not a takedown but a buildup. Dick Morris says its sensational charges will only "embolden" her. They will certainly tend to inoculate her against future and legitimate criticism and revelations. The book is poorly written, poorly thought, poorly sourced and full of the kind of loaded language that is appropriate to a polemic but not an investigative work.

"Here are some significant things about Mr. Klein's book: It comes from an establishment journalist who's had his professional ticket punched at the New York Times magazine and Newsweek. He has no conservative bona fides; he says he is and appears to be essentially apolitical. This is an anti-Hillary book by the MSM. It has been heavily promoted not by a conservative publication but by Vanity Fair magazine, which published a big fat juicy chapter in its famous 'Deep Throat'; issue. Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair's editor, is the author of an anti-Bush book, passionately opposed to Iraq, and no one's idea of a wing-nut."
There have already been written good biographies of Hillary Clinton by Barbara Olson, Joyce Milton, Dick Morris, Peggy Noonan, and liberal David Brock. This Klein book is already a best seller, so there is obviously a big market for a Hillary biography. Ms. Noonan writes that Edward Klein's book was written to garner the dollars of a conservative market, but, as is usually the case with the media and with liberals, he has assumed that conservatives are stupid. Don't prove him (and them) right! Don't buy this book!

Read the real "honest-to-goodness" truth about Hillary here:
I have just read Michelle Malkin's good advice; "Leave it on the shelf." She quotes John Podhoretz of the "New York Post":
"This is one of the most sordid volumes I've ever waded through. Thirty pages into it, I wanted to take a shower. Sixty pages into it, I wanted to be decontaminated. And 200 pages into it, I wanted someone to drive stakes through my eyes so I wouldn't have to suffer through another word."
Outside the Beltway, The Strata-Sphere and Decision '08 have good comments on this subject. Trackedback at Basil's Blog.

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