Monday, June 20, 2005

Could "Gitmo Dick" Survive?

Does anyone believe that Senator "Gitmo Dick" Durbin could survive the military's Survival School? Pictured is some of the treatment meted out by the American military upon its own members. Has Senator Durbin ever come to their defense or rescue on the Senate floor, as he has done for America's enemies?
"After several days of the war game -- evading the bad guys -- the students are captured. The students are then taken to a mock prisoner of war camp to begin the most stressful part of their training. To prepare commandos who are at high risk of capture, the course includes sleep deprivation and food deprivation -- severe enough that, over the course of survival school, a student typically drops 15 pounds."
If the U.S. Congress does not penalize Senator "Gitmo Dick" Durbin for his traitorous comments, here is an idea. Send him to SERE School, aka known in the military as Survival Training, and hope and pray that the mouthy Senator survives. All uniformed military, enlisted and officer, are required to train for about three weeks at the schools across the country. Why not a United States Senator? If Senator Durbin is fearful, probably the Republican that all Democrats love, Senator John McCain, could be called upon to accompany Durbin, and explain the reasons for all the experiences he would encounter there.

As there are different levels of Sere's courses, it would be necessary to select the one most appropriate to the experience of dealing with treacherous Islamist terrorists, whose stock in trade is faking civilian identities while exploding booby trapped bombs, and chopping off heads of Jews, Americans and infidels. These are the enemies that the American forces at Guantanamo must face every day. These same military people were recently slurred by Senator Dick Durbin as "Nazi-gulag, Pol Pots". The Army probably sends these guards to "Level C Training". This is where Senator Durbin should spend a few weeks if he ever wants to enter back into the good graces of the American people.
SERE Level-C Training
The department also teaches the SERE Level-C training course to soldiers who are in a high- risk-of-capture category, which includes Special Forces, Rangers and aviators. The course is designed to give students the skill to survive and evade capture or, if captured, to resist interrogation or exploitation and plan their escape. The course includes a classroom phase, a field phase and a resistance training laboratory which simulates the environment of a prisoner-of-war compound.
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