Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bush Bashed by an Angel

According to the biography of "Voice of an Angel", Charlotte Church, "When she met President George Bush Jr. and told him she was from Wales he asked her in which state Wales lies." Apparently this 2001 event left such an impression upon the young soprano, that it is included at web sites about her. The American President, a native of the great state of Texas, asks this oh-so-charming angel, just where in the United States is Wales, and she believes that proves he is an ignoramus. Guess what Charlotte angel? We have more places named "Wales" in the U.S. than would probably fit in that tiny little appendage on that tiny little island lying off the coast of France. It is quite interesting that the very anti-American and anti-Bush British media, BBC, when describing the event at the time it actually happened, never reported on the President's comments to "The Voice of an Angel".

GIGWISE.com | Charlotte Church Blasts George Bush And Pavarotti: "Welsh opera star turned pop singer Charlotte Church has spoken about her meetings with American President George Bush and legendary heavyweight Luciano Pavarotti.

"Church revealed that Bush’s geographical knowledge is somewhat lacking when she met him after performing for former leader of the United States Bill Clinton. Talking to Glasgow station Clyde1, she said, “Clinton was lovely, in tune with everyone else, but George Bush just hasn't got a clue what he's doing. He asked me what state Wales was in. I said: 'It's its own country next to England, actually Mr Bush.' If he doesn't know the rest of the countries in Europe, he could at least know what's in his own country. He's a right weirdo.'

"The Voice Of An Angel star also spoke of an incident with Pavarotti when she was due to perform with the Tenor: 'He was horrible, really nasty. He was a pig and I was supposed to do a duet with him. He was like, 'You have to sing the mezzo.' I said: 'I am a soprano. How am I supposed to sing the mezzo?' And he said: 'You don't sing with me then.' He sent me out of his dressing room. I was only 15 - devastated. Pavarotti is a big fat diva.'

"Church’s ‘Crazy Chick’ single is out June 27."
Yes, indeedy, we are all going to run right out the door on June 27th, to buy the "Voice of an Angel", singing now as a "Crazy Chick". NOT!

Angel Charlotte must be one lovely mannered young Welsh lady to describe her erstwhile singing partner Pavarotti as "a pig and a big fat diva". Her on-line biography brags about her audiences with the Queen, Bush, the Pope and Clinton, and then she goes on to bash the first two. Of course, everyone knows that Angels always love the Pope and Bill Clinton.

In the course of her musical career, Church has sang for Pope John Paul II, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and the Queen. When the Queen met Charlotte Church she asked, "Do you sing often" and Prince Philip replied "Elizabeth, don't you know who this girl is? We listen to her on Classic FM all the time." Even better, when she met President George W Bush he asked her what state Wales was in!
Charlotte, honey, President Bush was probably wondering whether it was the Wales, Texas in his home state, or the Wales in either the states of Connecticut or Massachusetts, where he attended college, or the Wales in Iowa, or the Wales in Kentucky. But then again, no one expects a "singing angel" to understand the breadth of American geography.

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