Sunday, June 26, 2005

Clintons Crash the Crusade

Basking In the Glory of Others

The Voice of America News is now reporting to the world about the historic final Billy Graham Crusade in New York City, that was crashed by the Clintons. Of the 80,000 people in attendance, it was "our Bill" who jumped upon the stage to share the glory of the aging evangelist. Who else could have gotten away with it, without being hauled off by "New York's finest"?
VOA News - Clinton Honors Reverend Billy Graham at Final US Revival Meeting: "Former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, were among 80,000 people attending the second night of Christian evangelist Billy Graham's final revival meeting in the United States. Mr. Clinton greeted the 86-year-old preacher on stage Saturday in New York, telling Reverend Graham he is, in Mr. Clinton's words, 'a man I love.' The former president said the first Billy Graham crusade he attended was 46 years ago."
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