Monday, February 28, 2005

Not a Mumblin' Word

Not a word , not a word, not a word, my Lord
And he never said a mumblin' word, my Lord,
My Lord, my Lord!" ~~Old American Spiritual
The Oscars 2005!
You say "Fallujah" - We say "ABU GHRAIB". That was about how it was last night when Hollywood assembled. The Beautiful People are known for their loud rantings against Ashcroft, Bush and their supposed destruction of civil liberties, the immorality of the war, and anything else that happens to be outside their political myopia. Why was one of their own, who was horribly murdered in broad daylight, never even mentioned? There was "not a mumblin' word" about the "violent broad daylight murder" of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh. He was assassinated by an Islamic Jihadist last November, shortly after the release of his film," Submission", which criticized the treatment of women under Islam. He was silenced! Why is Hollywood unconcerned about this particular violation of human rights? Is it fear of or is it sympathy for the Jihadist movement?

Blog LittleGreenFootballs writes:
"2/28/2005: Theo Van Gogh Forgotten on Oscar Night - More disturbing, though: not a word was said about the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. You wonder if the organizers even discussed it—and if they did, what excuse was used to avoid the subject."
The Murder of Theo Van Gogh

Jihad In the Netherlands

If You Ever Doubt

Moonbat Speak

What is it that "moonbats" say whenever they speak? On "Meet the Press" yesterday was a good example from a very well-known moonbat. Jackson's Journal had posted the video, so if you missed the show, you can see and hear it here. -WATCH-

Jackson's Journal refers to yesterday's performance of Maureen Dowd of the "New York Times" as "Maureen Dowd-Moonbat Charge Of The Day". He writes that on the television program, she was asked the following question by moderator Tim Russert, and her reply has been labeled as the "Moonbat Charge of the Day".
Russert: "Would you now accept the fact that because of the invasion of Iraq, there is a possibility of democracy in Iraq and that may spread in the Middle East?" Watch the video from Jackson's Journal.-WATCH-
I have found a Talking Moonbat on the Internet and was given permission by his owner, Sean Gleeson, to allow him to roost at my site. Sean has named him "Autorantic Virtual Moonbat", aka "The Insane Left-wing Robot Who Hates You!" You can read his rantings for yourself over on the right hand side of this blog. Notice how similar his rantings are to the answers of New York Times writer, Maureen Dowd.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Chief Churchill and His Mohawk Chop

Churchill with automatic rifle © AK Press, from University of Hawaii I found this post at Jackson's Junction. If you have not viewed the Media Link (works in all browsers) of Ward Churchill, featuring his "left-hand sideways Mohawk 'Winter Attack' chop", view it first! The following post is so hilarious, I decided to pass it on, even though I don't know who wrote it. The only attribution I found was: "#63 Ed Mahmoud abu al Qahool Martyr Brigades 2/26/2005 10:24AM PST, posted at Jackson's by LGFer". Enjoy Ward demonstrating his true Indian ancesty - the "left-hand sideways Mohawk chop" . Go here if you want to view the entire television segment - CBS4 Denver News, viewable only in Internet Explorer.

Chutch was demonstrating the left-hand sideways Mohawk chop he developed as a member of the Army Special Forces Motor Pool and Press Office. He used it many times to great affect when the Viet Cong attacked him as he sat writing Special Forces press releases at the IBM Selectric typewriter with the special th character later sent to a Texas ANG unit as the war was winding down.

Later, during the war, it was rumored that a CIA agent, often referred to as "The Chief" because of his rumored Native American ancestry but never clearly seen because of a floppy jungle hat he wore, used that left handed Mohawk chop to disable an entire platoon of VC that tried to stop him and a gallant Navy lieutenant on a mission to deliver needed supplies to the Khmer Rouge. By then, rumor has it, "The Chief" realized that the entire US military in Viet Nam was a bunch of "Little Eichmanns", and he decided to promote the causes of international revolutionary socialism by helping the Navy officer supply a revolutionary army in Cambodia a year before they ever took the field.

Of course, that is about the time that "The Chief" attracted the attention of the CIA, as he had apparently told people his mission into Cambodia was authorized by The Company. A young CIA case officer, who had earned his stripes in Chile by overthrowing the Allende government, known only by the initials "KR", was put on the case, and has been working to thwart the Chief's valiant efforts to expose the entire US system as being controlled by Gestapo officers who escaped to Argentina in 1946 and then captured a young Richard M Nixon, brainwashed him, and then returned him to the US to begin the process of establishing a Fourth Reich.

Ward Churchill and Freedom of Speech

Winter Attack by Ward Churchill

From Jackson's Junction and CBS4Denver comes this great Media Link (works in all browsers) of Ward Churchill's "Winter Attack"! CBS4 Denver News has the entire televisions segment, viewable only in Internet Explorer.

The following is from CBS4 News:
"This is an artwork we've got called 'Winter Attack.' It looks like it was based on a Thomas Mails painting; it looks like you ripped it off. Can you tell us about that?" Chohan asked.

"An exclusive report by CBS4 News indicates embattled University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill may have broken copyright law by making a mirror image of an artist's work and selling it as his own. Placing Churchill's work beside that of renowned artist Thomas E. Mails and the two look like mirror images. But one is a copyrighted drawing. The other is an autographed print by Churchill. "

Michelle Maukin Covers the Churchill Saga and she has lots of images and links to Churchill's works on e-bay (all fake so far as I know).

CBS4 Denver News has the entire television segment and pictures of the Two "Winter Attacks" artwork:

The Muslims Shall Inherit the Netherlands

The New York Times is quoted today at Jihad Watch:
"Leave this stable and prosperous corner of Europe? Leave this land with its generous social benefits and ample salaries, a place of fine schools, museums, sports grounds and bicycle paths, all set in a lively democracy?

The answer, increasingly, is yes. This small nation is a magnet for immigrants, but statistics suggest there is a quickening flight of the white middle class. Dutch people pulling up roots said they felt a general pessimism about their small and crowded country and about the social tensions that had grown along with the waves of newcomers, most of them Muslims.'The Dutch are living in a kind of pressure cooker atmosphere, Mr. Hiltemann said."

Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis

Saturday, February 26, 2005

A World Full of Moonbats

moonbat I had been so puzzled about the term “moonbats”, so when I came across a posting made by a polyglot in the Czech Republic, I certainly felt sympathy. Jana wrote:
“'Barking moonbats’ have spread recently in the web. Could anyone explain what kind of beast it is? It follows from my Google-based investigation that 1) they are more diffused across the pond than in Europe …”
We can always depend upon Wikipedia to be “up to snuff” so here is their definition:
"Moonbat is a pejorative political slogan coined in 2002 by Perry de Havilland of "The Libertarian Samizdata," a libertarian weblog. The term enjoys great currency in the libertarian blogosphere, where it is used to disparage modern liberals, peace protestors, and other ideological opponents."

1. "Someone on the extreme edge of whatever their -ism happens to be." (de Havilland )

2. "someone who sacrifices sanity for the sake of consistency" (Adriana Cronin)

3. "... human whose cerebral cortex has turned to silly putty causing him or her to mentally slide down the evolutionary ladder to the level of a winged rat who is influenced by the moon and wants to suck your blood. Also not-so-affectionately known as a "Democrat"." ( F.A.Q)

4. Not liberals, but leftists. Whereas liberals are patriotic, leftists seek to undermine their national strength. Anti-war protestors, likely to call the US military "nazis," apt to blame the 9-11 attacks on a US government and Zionist conspiracy, are moonbats. Liberals who oppose the war, are not.

5. A poster at the liberal/progressive website Democratic Underground."

Moonbattery blog refers to the Dan Sytman Show for its definition of "moonbat". Sytman created a hilarious audio definition of moonbats from his radio show, using the tune of "Batman".

Wedding Gift for Feminists

Have you ever wondered what kind of wedding gift a feminist would present, if she ever had occasion to give one? I found the perfect gift; a Raffaele Iannello designed Knife Block.

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Luddite Conservatives

Here is someone who believes with me that the Liberals have become "Luddite" Conservatives (The Luddite Wing) and that the Conservatives have become progressive Liberals!
"I remember, back in my liberal days, being fiercely opposed to the Taliban and its brutal treatment of women. Even then, I felt that Afghanistan should immediately be liberated, as Malcolm X once said in another context, by any means necessary. But when it came time, it turned out that the left was mostly opposed to such liberation, whether of the Afghan people or of the Iraqis (especially if America and a Republican president were at the helm).

Indeed, liberals had become strangely conservative in their fierce attachment to the status quo. In contrast, the much-maligned neoconservatives (among whose ranks I count myself) and Bush had become the "radicals," bringing freedom and democracy to the despotic Middle East. Is it any wonder that in such a topsy-turvy world, I found myself in agreement with those I'd formerly denounced?"

The Making of a 9/11 Republican

Who Needs Europe?


Who needs US?

Plus the rest of the world!

Europe decides that Bush may be right after all.

The Waffle Truff

Oh Goody, Goody! The infamous Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Company has come out with a new flavor, that I will NEVER try. Yes, I will restrain myself from tasting The Waffle Truff, and I do it in honor of Michael Moore. No, Not really! I just plain HATE, HATE, HATE that stupid ice cream company. They keep saying that people like me are full of HATE, so if I am going to be accused, I may as well do it. I HATE Ben & Jerry's! What is their claim to fame? Take some plain old vanilla or plain old chocolate cream and stir in much too many broken pieces of candy, cookies or nuts, give it a wacky-sounding name and viola, they announce a brand new flavor that all the "repugnant" capitalists will buy. However, the real true reason I HATE that company so much, is that they HATE me. They HATE the military. They HATE America. I have heard their spokesmen pontificate about their disdain for the American military. Meanwhile they go about their business behaving like they are the only ivory-pure capitalists in the free world because they use "ethically produced ingredients" - whatever that means. Before I knew any better I sampled Jerry Garcia flavor, because I loved him! I loved the ice cream too, and also Chubby Hubby. But never again! Let the moonbats buy their overpriced products. When I encounter their product in a store, I ask the management to reconsider stocking it, as I try never to patronize places that encourage, in any way, the moonbatism of Ben & Jerry's. Besides they are from Vermont!

The Onion
Image From "The Onion"

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hillary In Hot Water -- Again

"Five years ago, Aaron Tonken was riding high, hobnobbing with Hollywood celebrities and helping to raise millions for the Senate bid of first lady Hillary Clinton. Last month, a federal court un sealed an indictment charging the national finance director for Mrs. Clinton's 2000 campaign, David Rosen, with four counts of causing false reports to be filed with the Federal Election Commission. All of those charges stem from a star-studded August 12, 2000, gala fund-raiser that (Aaron) Tonken organized and billed as a "Hollywood Salute" to President Clinton."
Where is Tonken today? He is in a federal prison serving a 63-month sentence for mail and wire fraud. Just another example of "Friends of The Clintons". While Bill and Hillary seem to always escape scrutiny, riding out of Dodge on their white steeds, their friends end up under indictment, in prison or dead. Just food for thought. You can read more about this latest Clinton scandal at today's New York Sun.

Oh Those Incontinentals!

With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans

The American moonbats are in a tizzy because the Bush delegation supposedly canceled a townhall meeting in Germany. If the German news reports ARE accurate, I feel certain that it was for good reason, as no red-blooded American would want to see a gaggle of Euro-niks attempt to embarrass our country. Remember, most of Europe is Socialist and worse; they are infested with more moonbats than we can imagine here in the U.S. This article was written by one of them – a genuine Euroweenie, so it cannot be relied upon for accuracy or truthfulness. While our President was a guest in Belgium, the Belgians came up with their own little stunt. They planned on having their countrymen pee on Old Glory and President Bush. Of course they had not thought it completely through, as Belgian men are all 'Sitzpinklern' ("wimps" in German). So once again, that supposedly dumb Texas Cowboy, outwitted them all. Not really, as "everyone" knows it was Karl Rove and his Merry Band of Texas 'Stehpinkeln' ("cowboys" in German) who printed all those “Piss on Me” posters.

Stehpinkeln und Sitzpinklern

Frank's Towing of Arlington

It is always fun to go poking around American Daughter Media Center. They get some really unusual pictures there. This is a slide show about towing. It could be a set-up scene, someone filming for America's Funniest Videos, but it can still crack your ribs, so careful!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Perfect Church

Have you been wanting to marry in a church, but cannot find one? Here is the perfect church for you! No worries about pesky interviews with priests and pastors! No worries about religious incompatibilties! No worries about the perfect location, as this church can travel to the beach, the casino, your own back yard and even the neighborhood ice rink. Yes folks, it has finally arrived - The Travelling Church! Their website boasts "Tie the knot" wherever you wish..........YOU decide, we will provide a church for you !!". And you can even wear "high heels" - imagine that!
Registered in the Guinness World Records 2004 for being the world's largest Inflatable church in the world

One of the world's VERY FIRST inflatable churches is here to allow couples to get married wherever their hearts desire. The attention to detail is heavenly complete with plastic "stained glass" windows and airbrush artwork which replicates the traditional church. Inside it has an inflatable organ, altar, pulpit, pews, candles and a gold cross. (Can non-Christians remove the cross without fear?) Even the doors are flanked by air-filled angels. The church can be built in 2 hours and dis-assembled in less than one. (At least you'll be able to say that your marriage lasted longer than the church!) Marry anywhere!!! even renewing your vows if you're already married. (You can marry here, even if you don't want to legally. Who's the wiser?) Now we can bring the church to the bride rather than the other way around. It can be set up anywhere, from your garden to Malibu beach, it's up to you. No problem with "high heels."
Where did I find The Inflatable Church? At Missouri Trailer Trash, where else?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Poppies Grow On Flanders Fields

France and Belgium Reap What They Have Sown

22 February 2005 19 November 2004 18 November 2004 18 July 2004 24 June 2004 15 June 2004 14 June 2004 3 May 2004 3 May 2004 29 July 2003 1 April 2003 American Heroes Repatriation Act of 2003, HR 1265

While the poppies continue to bloom on the Flanders battlefield graves of two World Wars where American blood was spilled, today, 22 Febrary 2005, a new generation of Belgians are urinating on the flag that those heroes carried into battle. The new Belgians are showing their gratitude and respect for their grandparents' redemption by peeing on pictures of the American President. How times can change and how minds can forget, although many, many U.S. citizens will not soon forget such a disgraceful insult by the tiny nation of Belgium.

Peacekeepers as Predators

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, The United Nations under the leadership of Secretary General Kofi Annan.
According to the "Economist", a U.N. probe is even considering the possibility that MONUC (UN Mission in Congo) has been infiltrated by "organized pedophiles who recruit their friends.."
The Weekly Standard

Belgians PEE on Old Glory & Bush!

Oh, Why Can't Americans Be More Like the Euros?
Remember all the palaver about Americans causing shame to the rest of the world by our brutish manners and lack of intellect? Is this the way we should behave? "PISS OFF A Belgian novelty shows what the good people of Brussels really think about George W. Bush". Posting stickers on public toilets with the face of President Bush and an American flag, while our leader is their guest. Are not the Euros supposed to so be oh, so much more cultured and erudite than we Rubes from across the pond? What if the leader of Belgium were a guest of our White House, and people working in the White House were to design such posters in reverse? Of course, we would never do that. Where would they get such ideas that it is proper to do it to our leader? How about here? How do the Democrats feel about people all over Belgium urinating on the American flag? The Belgians replied that they would not behave in such manner if we had elected John Kerry. If this were being done by a group of wackos, I would not be so outraged. However, this insult is coming from the official Belgium government. The person who designed the posters on Belgium government time, is the press spokesman for Belgium's Vice Prime Minister, who happens to be the official host of our President. If you are a Bush hater, does it bother you that the Belgians are not urinating on President Bush, but they are peeing on you, me and the rest of the citizens of the USA, including our soldiers in harms' way. How do you feel that they are peeing on OLD GLORY? All Americans, including left-wingers, should be justifiably PISSED OFF!

Belgium Offensive by Powerline

Join the Mob!

Why? Because Mother Knows Best.

Their motto: "When the powerful no longer act responsibly, then it is our responsibility to take the power away from them."
Barbara Ehrenreich
Writer, Activist, Novelist
Commencement Speech,
Barnard College, 2004
Earth to the MOB! Who gave them the power in the first place? And how does the MOB take it away from them? That's right - At the voting booth! So what else is new?

Algore Springs Eternal

Algore 2008 Website
Algore 2008

Monday, February 21, 2005

Are You a Moonbat?

I was wondering about the definition of "Moonbat", and it almost seems to be how the Democrats describe their own left-wing fanatics. Here is an explanation written by Hundred Percenters News Wires,, December 28, 2004.
"Before we leave 2004, HundredPercenter wants to make sure that the phrase 'left wing moonbat' is properly defined. The year 2004, as far as HP is concerned, will forever be the year when the moonbats broke the Democrat establishment, and turned the DNC into a traveling circus act for all the world to laugh and jeer at. Therefore, it is imperative that we define them now, for the sake of historical reference."
Their list inspired me to build upon it a bit, and here is the collaborative result:


* You are a moonbat if you believe Michael Moore is a great patriot.

* You are a moonbat if the War on Terror means the defeat of George Bush.

* You are a moonbat if you thought France would have sent troops to Iraq, if only John Kerry had been elected.

* You are a moonbat if you believe Hollywood stars are the "heart and soul" of America.

* You are a moonbat if you believe Islam really is a religion of peace.

* You are a moonbat if you wear environmentally friendly garments.

* You are a moonbat if you believe KFC is committing the holocaust of chickens.

* You are a moonbat if you have protested against globalization or Starbucks.

* You may be a supreme left wing moonbat if the protest was more than 1,000 miles away from where you reside.

* You are a moonbat if you believe the NY Times is a centrist newspaper without an agenda.

* You are a moonbat if you cried when Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw resigned.

* You are a moonbat if you voted Dennis Kucinich for President.

* You are a moonbat if a Christmas tree offends you.

* You are a moonbat if you believe the Iraqi terrorists are the good guys.

* You are a moonbat if you believe Eminem and P. Diddy are the voices of the young generation.

* You are a moonbat if you drive an electric car.

* You are a supreme left wing moonbat if you drive an electric car and own a Gulfstream jet.

* You are a moonbat if you have posted on DemocraticUnderground more than 100 times.

* You are a moonbat if you take Jon Stewart seriously.

* You are a moonbat if you listen to Air America for news.

* You are a moonbat if you believe Rush Limbaugh is evil.

* You are a moonbat if you think taxes are too low.

* You are a moonbat if you went to a Woodstock concert, more than once.

* You are a moonbat if you believe Howard Dean will make a great DNC Chairman.

* You are a moonbat if you moved to Canada because Bush won the election.

* You are a moonbat if you thought Arafat was a great leader.

* You are a moonbat if your name is George Soros.

* You are a moonbat if you have attended a gay marriage ceremony.

* You are a moonbat if you wore a Che Guevara t-shirt to work.

* You are a moonbat if you believe Al Gore invented the internet.

* You are a moonbat if you question what the definition of is--is.

* You are a moonbat if you still believe John Kerry won the election.

* You are a moonbat if you went to Israel or Iraq to be a human shield.

* You are a moonbat if you consider the events at Abu Ghraib a worse atrocity than the treatment of American POWs at Abu Graib during the Gulf War.

* You are a supreme left wing moonbat if you believe the beheading of innocent civilians is fair game.

* You are a moonbat if you were insulted by these definitions.

* You are a supreme far-left-wing-feather moonbeam-addled moonbat if all of these definitions apply to you.

The Rove Set Them Up!

LISTEN to Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) and the Ithaca Moonbats! The legislator said that Carl Rove of the White House set up Dan Rather and CBS by passing off forged documents. I wonder if he knew that the recording ears of Little Green Footballs were there? Where's the proof? You don't ask and they don't tell!

Not all bats are Moonbats. Barking Moonbat's blog has an actual big-eared bat mascot at his site in the upper right corner. Once you tickle him with your mouse pointer, you will know that he is your friend.

INDC's Take on the Moonbats
In case, you are like me and not really sure what is a moonbat, Bill of INDC is also the author of last December's Dances with Moonbats, which has many snapshots of them and their performances in their unnatural habitat on the Mall. Where? INDC, of course. It is a part of his INDC Science Series.

Netherlands Jihad

I have written a number of posts about the violent "broad daylight" murder of film maker Theo van Gogh by an Islamic jihadist in The Netherlands. A Norwegian security analysis has concluded:
"The killing of Theo Van Gogh was not the work of a lone fanatic but rather the deliberate work of an ad-hoc group of al-Qaeda supporters that viewed the world within the context of the network's global jihad."
Blogger Dan Darling at Winds of Change has read the report and has a very thorough explanation at his blog. The Norwegians concluded that those countries that have allowed years of Islamic immigration are now being rewarded with a sub-culture of their own citizens, violently attempting an overthrow of the indigenous culture. It is frightening.

The Murder of Theo Van Gogh

Jihad In the Netherlands

If You Ever Doubt

Do we Americans have much in common with the Dutch and their ideas of liberalism and toleration? Consider this. The Calvinistic document, The Dutch Declaration of Independence, written almost two hundred years earlier in 1581, was a model for our own U.S. Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson recounted that the framers' knowledge of the "Dutch Revolution" gave them evidence and confidence that the American Revolution could also commence and succeed. In fact, new studies suggest that Jefferson may have knowingly drawn on the Dutch document. John Adams said that the Dutch charters had "been particularly studied, admired, and imitated in every State" in America.

The Unanimous Declaration of 1776

First in War & Peace, Seventh in Our Hearts!

For two centuries, school children have known George Washington as the "Father of His Country". By the 21st century the Commanding General of the Continental Army seems to be headed for the dust bin of history. When the great First President died in 1799, Congress adopted the eulogy given my his fellow Virginian, Henry Lee: "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen." Today, he ranks about seventh, behind Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Washington Lags Behind

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Washington's Spy Ring

This weekend we Americans celebrate "All" President's Day in lieu of honoring only our first president, George Washington. In actuality, the Americans of the nineteenth century elevated him almost to a deified status. Washington was and is quite deserving of all the adoration shown upon him. He was ordained by God to become the father of a new nation and he fulfilled his role well. He is probably now commanding a heavenly legion of angels, watching over his beloved land and protecting it. At least, that is my hope. He was a person of many skills and many interests - what was known as a Renaissance man. Something that few people know is that during the American Revolution, he ran a spy ring. Imagine, George Washington, founder of what is now the CIA! He knew he was up against probably the world's greatest army, an army with which he had served as an officer. He was a General in one army and a despised traitor in the other. The wise general knew that his army was mostly an undisciplined squad of ragtag farmers, and as Defense Secretary Rumsfeld famously said recently; "you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have". Washington did not even have an army and when he finally raised one and took it to war, he lost many, many more battles than he ever won. With help from the intelligence he gathered by the running of spy ring, he was able to outfox the British, and he won the final battle, the one that really counts. "George Washington, Spymaster" is a wonderful little book. Read it and learn about the intrigues of the long ago Revolutionary War.

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