Saturday, June 25, 2005

Al 'Pants-on-Fire' Franken

Al Franken, after becoming known from his performances on the comedy show "Saturday Night Live", attempted the writing of some books on comedy. Those books did not bring much success. However, Al Franken discovered that he could ride the road to riches and success on the coattails of current popular conservative political pundits and others by including their names in the title of a book. His first big success was "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot". That book set the stage for his continuing attacks on conservatives, as it played into the hands of those on the left who had already coined the gratuitous smear which was Franken's choice of a title. Although totally without experience in political punditry, Al Franken became the "official expert" on Rush Limbaugh, whenever one was needed by the media, even though he had done no in depth research on Limbaugh, nor knew him personally. Franken then presented himself as the Liberal alternative to Rush Limbaugh, without apparent success. When the outspoken Bill O'Reilly topped the media charts, Franken again rushed to write another book hoping to once more glide to the Best Seller List while standing on the back of a popular conservative pundit. The repeated accusations in his books are that the subjects of the books are liars, one and all. Yet, he describes himself as someone who holds himself "to an impossibly high standard when it comes to telling the truth.' That statement may be the only "truth" that Franken has ever spoken or written, as obviously his "impossibly high" standard has been impossible for even him to reach. Alan Skorksi tells the truth about Al Franken and his "lying lies" in this forthcoming book. Skorski's book cannot be expected to be the big seller that Franken's books about George Bush, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh have been, because Al Franken is not at all a peer to any of them. However Mr. Skorski is setting the record straight by telling the truth about Al Franken and his "lying lies and "smearing smears".

"... Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears And Deceives" by Alan Skorksi
"Skorski reveals that Franken himself regularly lies, smears, and distorts what others say and do, ultimately discrediting himself as a 'truth teller.' AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2005"

"Al Franken was a 'nobody' in the arena of political punditry before he wrote two best-selling books, Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them. Now one of the most prominent figures on the liberal Air America radio network, formed to counter the mostly conservative voice of mainstream talk radio, he consistently boasts 'I tell the truth' and 'I hold myself to an impossibly high standard when it comes to telling the truth.'

"Until now, says Alan Skorksi, Franken's continuous smears against his enemies while promoting himself as the 'ultimate truth teller' have gone unchallenged by the mainstream media. Surprisingly, even conservative or right-leaning media have not challenged the falsity of much of what he says, although Franken does not define what he believes is a lie, except to say that conservatives 'get away with it.' In contrast, Skorski defines a lie as 'intentionally telling an untruth with the purpose of trying to cover up or get away with something,' which he then accuses Franken of doing with impunity."

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