Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Chasing Scorpions

We armchair patriots at home wish that every night for our military chaps in Iraq could be no more dangerous than hunting scorpions, something in which the Texans there should be quite skilled. PICTURE
Z Bar: Quiet Night: "Last night was pretty quiet. Nothing really happened, which I hear from my family and friends is a good thing. Last night was one of the few nights when nothing actually did happen. We did not confiscate any weapons or have any issues with any of the Local Nationals. My main goal last night, situation permitting, was to try and find the scorpion from the night before. I got lucky in two ways, one I found the scorpion and two the way I found him. ... It was so funny and a good break in the slow pace of Gunner Gate. Anyway it was pretty fun for one night in Iraq."

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