Monday, October 26, 2009

Make Mine Freedom - 1948

Meet Doctor Utopia and his ObamunISM.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where Have All the Patriots Gone?

In today's America the word "Patriot" has lost its aura of distinction and has become a term of reproach. Modern attempts to identify with "Patriot" and associated words such as "liberty," "tea party," or "revolution," are held up to derision and laughed to scorn. One has only to watch MSNBC to see this new American culture reinforced every day by television anchors such as Chris Matthews.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Giving Up the U.S. Constitution

Lord Christopher Monckton spoke at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN last week on the UN Climate Change treaty scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen this coming December 2009. His speech was entitled “Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?”

Here is why the truth matters. It was all very well for jesting Pilate to ask that question and then not to tarry for an answer. But that question that he asked, “what is the truth?” is the question which underlies every question and in the end it is the only question that really matters. When you ask that question what you are really asking is “what is the truth about the matter?” And we are now going to see why it matters morally, socially, and politically, as well as economically and scientifically. That the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth should inform public policy on this question.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Not Forgotten "Lost Cause"

"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" is about the Danville train, the main supply line into Richmond during the War Between the States. During the Siege of Petersburg Stoneman's Yankees "tore up the track again." The siege lasted from June 1864 until April 1865, when both Petersburg and Richmond fell. The Confederates were starving: "We were hungry; Just barely alive." The South lost but forever afterwards, Southerners vowed to rise again. Perhaps that is what is a-happening now at this point in our history with the rise of Tea Parties, emphasis on honoring the Constitution and people's concerns with loss of liberties and the demise of capitalism.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Kenyan-born President of the United States

Kenyan-born Obama

Is it any wonder that the American people have never been able to figure out exactly where their President Barack Obama was really born? In 2004, when Obama was running for the Senate, the AP described him as "Kenyan-born." Yet when he was running for U.S. President, his supporters all claimed that he was born in Hawaii. Now, any citizen who questions the President's actual place of birth is derided and ridiculed even though the Mainstream Media (AP) itself has apparently never been certain.

The Associated Press in 2004, described Barack Obama as "Kenyan-born" when he was running for Senator. However, when he began running for U.S. President that same Associated Press always described him as born in Hawaii. In fact, some claim there is actually a Hawaiian Certificate of Birth which a few have said they've inspected. If anyone asks for explanation of such confusion or proof of Obama's actual birthplace, they are immediately labelled as RACISTS. It is known as the silencing of free speech with the "Audacity of Race-baiting" which rules America in these so-called enlightened times.

This was snagged from the the Sunday Standard of the "East African Standard" newspaper of June 27, 2004, verified by the Archive of the newspaper HERE.

The image, First Kenyan President of USA, is subject to copyright by Edna Barney. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Letterman - Late Night Pervert Unmasked

Creepy Dave of Late Night Television tells his sordid tale of sex with his employees while his creepy audience LAUGHS and APPLAUDS every creepy detail. Oh, to be funnyman David Letterman! Creepy Dave can make anything about sex hilarious - even his fantasy rape of a 14-year-old and his own sexual abuse of his own female workers. David Letterman's Bizarro Confession "Creepy things I did with My Creepy Employees."

David Letterman’s Hatred of Sarah Palin, Thursday, June 11th, 2009.

Poor Dave. Forced Into a Shotgun Marriage at His Advanced Age. What a Pity!
It was too, too sickening. Julia Roberts’ fawning and teasing 62-year-old David “The Lecher” Letterman on what had prompted America’s most celebrated woman-hater to tie the knot. “I don’t know if I can look you in the eye anymore…” she told him. “Last time I saw you, you were single and then I, like, hypnotized you in my white suit or something and you went off and married Regina.

Oh, it was ME, ME, ME, Julia Roberts, who motivated old Dave to sneak out and secretly marry someone he had, for many, many years avoided marrying.

Well … Ms. Roberts, flatter yourself as you may, but YOU had nothing to do with David Letterman’s “shotgun” marriage. Neither did his bride, Regina Lasko, as she had tried and failed in the past to get him to the alter. It was Governor Sarah Palin who came gunning for him and FORCED him kicking and screaming to the alter. Dave was not a happy camper.

Since Sarah Palin appeared on the political scene, David LETTERMAN has been having a misogynist’s dream with ridiculing both her and her seventeen-year-old daughter for not aborting their “undesirable” babies, as any progressive Liberal woman would have done. He became especially obsessed with placing the Scarlet A upon the breast of Governor Palin’s young, underage daughter, whom David Letterman lampooned as “knocked up.” Yes, you’ve got that right. David Letterman, a sixty-something vicious comic labelling an underage girl as a slut for getting pregnant. As if the young girl did not already have enough problems, her pregnancy was the object of David Letterman’s vile lechery, night after night on national CBS television.

All the while that David Letterman was condemning Bristol Palin for getting pregnant, or “knocked-up” as was his usual description, he never once saw himself as he really was. He was never able to see his own reflection in a mirror, for if he had he would have seen that he was the superior “male” pot calling the slutty “female” kettle black. David Letterman had “knocked-up” one of his own employees six years prior, and she too refused to get an abortion. How about them apples? Poor Dave. He never once realized what a hypocrite he was until “friends” started pointing it out to him.

Not only his friends, but soon his enemies who were pro-women and supporters of Sarah Palin, began calling him a hypocrite for what he had been doing to the young Palin daughter. While Bristol Palin was condemned to wear the Scarlet A about her neck, lecherous David Letterman was getting lots of laughs from CBS’s audience of drunken and stoned twenty-year-old women-haters just by mentioning the Palin family.

So … one day, tired of being labeled a hypocrite, Old Dave sneaked off with his former “knocked-up” employee and her “out-of -wedlock” five-year-old child and had an official marriage ceremony performed. Looming over Old Dave with her moose-hunting shotgun to his head was Sarah Palin, the unofficial Maid of Honor. Later, David Letterman came to his senses and realized what had happened to him. After all these years of bachelorhood he had been forced into a marriage that he had never intended, to someone who was his definition of a slut who got “knocked-up.” This was a tragic state of affairs for an avowed chauvinist pig.

Knowing that his marriage was totally the fault of the Palins, as soon as he arrived back from his supposed secret honeymoon, off he went on the Palins. That is when he started making fun of the fourteen-year-old Palin daughter. She was not even pregnant, so he made up jokes about her being “knocked up” by a prominent athlete and serving as a prostitute for a former governor of New York.

David Letterman got lots of laughs from a CBS audience of sexual perverts when he described a fourteen-year-old child being raped by a male athlete while she was at a baseball game with her mother, who apparently looked the other way. (The Video) When complaints came in to CBS and Letterman’s advertisers, including Mars M&M Candy, Lexus, Kellogg’s, Olive Garden, Downey, Best Western, Hellman’s, and others about the harm being inflicted upon American women and children by David Letterman’s trivializing rape of a child, the comic, in a brazen show of contempt, followed up by repeating every one of the offensive jokes and more on a following national broadcast. CBS knows that David Letterman is a misogynist bigot, but as long as he is not a conservative misogynist bigot, that is A-okay with CBS.

David Letterman - Stalker of Sarah Palin

Letterman Describes 14-year-old Palin Daughter as Prostitute

Letterman's Letter of Apology

Dave Letterman on CBS Repeating All of the Same Misogynist Rape Jokes and More about the Daughter of Sarah Palin.

David Letterman’s CBS Apology – raping little girls is not funny unless their mothers are Republican.