Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What Does Harry Reid Think?

Senator Harry Reid, Democrat leader of the Senate said this about Senator Durbin's remarks comparing the military's Guantanamo Bay facility as ib a par with the Nazis, Soviet gulags and the killing fields of Pol Pot: "I stand by the statement he made", but, more importantly, the President's poll numbers are dropping! This is according to yesterday's Washington Times, Frist tells Durbin to apologize on Senate floor:
"As of last night, a story with the headline 'U.S. senator stands by Nazi remark' was still the second-most e-mailed story on the Web page of Al Jazeera, a network that the U.S. government accuses of spreading anti-American sentiment in the Arab world."

"Asked about the reaction to Mr. Durbin's comments and his apology, Mr. Reid said 'The statements made by Senator Durbin speak for themselves. I stand by the statement he made,' he said. 'We are not going to discuss this any more.' "

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