Friday, June 10, 2005

Who Said This?

"They are sending their kids to Duke University and Yale University ... while they are sending someone else's kid to do a suicide bombing," was a quote in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, under the headline "Witness: USF prof tried to recruit me to join Palestinian Islamic Jihad".

The preceding was said in court testimony in Tampa, Florida by Muneer Arafat, about Sami al-Arian, who he claims tried to recruit him to join a militant faction of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

This should be a message to Muslim families worldwide. Using the religious teachings of the Koran, Arab Muslims are effective at convincing the children of ordinary Arabs to become weapons of human destruction by performing suicide bombings. However there are many Arab families of means who are aware that this is happening and choose to send their children away to Europe and America, so that they would not be tempted to march in the way of Allah.

One has to wonder, how many children of Palestinian or Arab leaders have been so devoted to the cause of Islam that they have encouraged their own children to martyre themselves? How many, instead, have sent their own children abroad to escape the nightmare of living up to the expectations of Allah and the Koran? Think on this, Mr. and Mrs. Ordinary Muslim. While you are sending your beloved child off on a murder/suicide mission, the children of those leaders whom you revere, are studying at Universities in foreign lands to become doctors and lawyers. Their children are seemingly much too valuable to Allah to be sacrificed on the alter of religious hatred.
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