Saturday, June 25, 2005

Media Disinterest in Terrorist Trial

Are Arab Professors Masterminding Terror? If they are, apparently, few Americans and the rest of the world give a rat's patootie. In 2001, media critics scolded newspapers and Fox TV's Bill O'’Reilly for having "“an agenda"” when they were exposing these radical Middle Eastern professors. O'’Reilly in September 2001, challenged Al-Arian on his support of terrorism and a video in which he called for "“death to the Jews"”.

Now there seems to be "an agenda" of minimal coverage all over, and now most all are silent. Although, the New York Times is now uninterested about Al-Arian, three years ago (January 27, 2002) that same liberal mouthpiece was charging Governor Jeb Bush and the University of South Florida with dishonoring the "ideals of public universities by trying to fire Palestinian professor Sami Al-Arian whose anti-Israel statements have produced threats to campus and a decline in contributions."” On March 1, 2002, in an article in the New York Times by Nicholas Kristof, it was reported that Al-Arian "“denounces terrorism"” and "“promotes interfaith services with Jews,"” and the Times scolded that "“a university, even a country, becomes sterile when people are too intimidated to say things out of the mainstream. Three exhaustive studies of his conduct have found no evidence of wrongdoing."

From The Jewish Week of 6/24/2005, come this article, "Are Arab Professors Masterminding Terror?":
"Federal trial of alleged Islamic Jihad leaders receiving less-than-complete coverage up north. by Jonathan Mark - Associate Editor

"It has been called 'the most significant terrorism trial' since 9-11: the first time alleged leaders of Islamic Jihad, self-confessed killers of more than 100 Israelis and two Americans, are being tried in an American court; the first time the controversial Patriot Act has lassoed jihadists of this magnitude; and the first time that Arab professors in an American university who have claimed 'academic freedom' for their pro-Palestinians views have been indicted for using their university offices to direct and finance terrorist activity.

"Yet most New Yorkers are oblivious to this case because The New York Times, let alone most other northern newspapers, has decided not to cover the extraordinary testimony being heard now in a Tampa, Fla., courtroom."
For more information one must go to today's Tampa Tribute in Florida:
"Prosecutors on Thursday showed jurors a document linking an organization founded by Sami Al-Arian to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, pledging unity with another terrorist organization and glorifying an Islamic Jihad attack."
Finally, thanks to the Patriot Act and this trial, the University has found enough courage to stand up to the New York Times and to finally fire the professor, which will prevent him from further poisoning the impressionable minds of the young.
"USF Condemns, Fires Al-Arian, TAMPA - The University of South Florida fired Sami Al-Arian with a flurry of denunciations Wednesday, saying his federal indictment "confirmed" beliefs that he broke school policy and abused his role as a tenured professor."
Dr. Sanity describes this phenomena as "Beautiful Indifference" and compares it to the obsessive news coverage of the Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson trials.
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