Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mob Rule at the Beach

Here is a new type of "suburban" crime I've not heard of before. Today, hundreds of sunbathers and beach-goers lying lazily on an Atlantic shore, were attacked by a large mob of about 500 unruly youths. Local police in riot gear arrived but were confronted by the gangs and were unable to completely restore calm. Reinforcements were called in from a neighboring town and they too were unable to disperse the mob, as the hooligans continued their muggings and refused to depart the beach. This mass attack on a popular beach was unprecedented said municipal authorities. Amazingly, this occurred in the sleepy suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal, a country and people unaccustomed to such atrocious behavior by its youth. BBC NEWS | Europe | Portugal youths in beach rampage

Although Portugal is a calm and peaceful place, its police force is not on a par with the rest of Europe. When the law enforcement arm of a society is too weak to perform its mandate of protecting that society, the mob rules. The lesson can be applied on all scales of events, even worldwide. Without the United States and its professional law enforcement, including its military, the Islamic terrorists would be taking over our society, en masse, and our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, would be about as much help as the neighboring suburb Cascais was to Carcavelhos, Portugal. Without the strong arm of vigilant defenders, "the mob rules", whether that mob be a band of teenagers, or a barbarous cult of murderers.


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