Thursday, February 20, 2014

Transgenderism Rules

Praise the Lord. Old Virginny has finally caught up with the 21st Century - BC, that is. 

Nothing new here Virginians, just move along, as this little surgical procedure has been a part of human history for the past 4000 plus years: 
"Castration was typically carried out on the soon-to-be eunuch without his consent in order that he might perform a specific social function; this was common in many societies. The earliest records for intentional castration to produce eunuchs are from the Sumerian city of Lagash in the 21st century BC. Over the millennia since, they have performed a wide variety of functions in many different cultures: courtiers or equivalent domestics, treble singers, religious specialists, soldiers, royal guards government officials and guardians of women or harem servants.Wikipedia
“I think it’s fantastic,” said Mary Aab, Executive Director of the LGBT Center of Hampton Roads. “I think it’s excellent. I’m really pleased to see Virginia moving forward with again being inclusive and understanding the value of allowing all individuals to play sports.”
Transgender Policy Announced for Virginia School Children