Monday, June 13, 2005

The New Lebanon

France, under leadership of Jacques Chirac:

On March 8, 2005, tens of thousands of French high school students attempted to march peacefully through central Paris to show their disapproval of new education reforms announced by the French government. Such is the manner that civilized democracies give voice and freedom of speech to their citizens. However, the France of today, with President Chirac at the helm, seems to be falling into an anarchy brought about by religious and racial hatred of its people, one for the other. Yet these grievous failures at governance seem not to hinder the haughty French from lecturing other western democracies on shortcomings and failures, seen in the eyes of the French. As the peaceful young demonstrators marched, they were mugged by bands of black and Arab youths--about 1,000 according to police estimates, who were motivated by racial hatred of the native French, whom the attackers slur as 'little French people.' An 18-year-old dual citizen of France and Tunisia, was proud, explaining that he joined the mob just to 'beat people up,' especially 'little Frenchmen who look like victims', and described 'a pleasant memory' of repeatedly kicking a student who had fallen on the ground. The 'little whites', as described by the hooligans, do not know how to fight and 'are afraid because they are cowards'. The prime motive of the mob was to take 'take revenge on whites", and any Arab who 'has a French mindset', is also considered a 'little white'.

Where were the prestigious Gendarmes? Oh, they were standing guard all right, but, according to "The Weekly Standard"s article, "Mugged by la Réalité", the French police did nothing to protect the innocent citizens,
Colpart, who is active in anti-racist causes, confirmed that "these were racial assaults," and the attackers used "far-right slurs, violent and racist." One black student he saw come to the defense of a fellow student under attack by three blacks was called "a white sellout" by the assailants. Some scores of victims were taken to hospitals. Those who were interviewed confirmed that they had been caught up in an "anti-white" rampage and that the cops did nothing to protect them.
The world continues to turn upon its axis and countries, civilizations and peoples continue to rise and fall. Europe was a Muslim land and seems to be returning to such again. This time France begins the metamorphisis, becoming the New Lebanon, while the Old Lebanon gives a try for democracy. There is really nothing new under the sun, is there?

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