Friday, June 24, 2005

Kerfuffles from Friends

Here are some Friday kerfuffles from Friends of Kerfuffles. Enjoy.

Barking Moonbat Early Warning System writes, "The UAW is on course to kill GM. That’s not good for GM and surely not good for America."
Death Of An Automaker: The year was 1953. Dwight Eisenhower had just been elected President and was promising to build a national system of “interstate” highways to make transportation across America much easier and to provide easy access for national defense in light of the rising communism in Europe. General Motors executives brought a new phrase into American folklore when one of them stated, “What’s good for Genera Motors is good for America”.
The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy writes: MORON.ORG (MOVEON) says we are losing the war in Iraq:
"I dream of the day when conservatives refer to as MORON.ORG. We need to call these people what they truly are...MORONS. In their lastest e-mail sent out to their followers, MORON.ORG had this to say.."
Glen Dean at Nashville Truth writes about happenings in ... where else, but Nashville:
So Koran Desecration Is A Hate Crime: "Sometimes I think we should just surrender and change the name of our country to Amerabia. As reported in the Tennessean and discussed by Bill Hobbs and Donald Sensing, a Koran was desecrated in Nashville and the 20,000 Muslims who live in this hospitable southern city are all bent out of shape about it. But to make matters worse, the police are investigating the incident and consulting the FBI on the possibility of charging the person who did this with a hate crime. Just like I think that someone should have the right to burn the flag, I also believe that someone should have the right to burn a Koran, or a Bible, or the Torah. Why is the Koran suddenly so much more special than any of the other Holy Books?"
Ranten N. Raven is wondering Are You "In Good Hands" At Allstate?
Did they fire this man because of his faith?
An article at Worldnet Daily (sun source of Hillary's "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!") caught my eye. It reports that Allstate fired one man for an article he had written that stated his beliefs concerning homosexuality. Here's a link to it. The article was written at home, on his own time, and in no way affiliated him with Allstate.
American Daughter writes that Iran Is Different:
-- The threat to the United States from Iran is more urgent than that from other hostile foreign countries. "For twenty-six years, twenty-seven years these mullahs, the clerics ruling Iran, have just been extremely dangerous. ...what makes the mullahs different...they're terrorists and criminals." Popular conservative author Dr. Jerome Corsi spoke in a recent interview with personnel from the American Daughter Media Center.
Jackson's Junction describes How the Left Destroys our Great Nation:
"Pamela aka Atlas will provide as a public service, ongoing empirical evidence on how the Left Destroys our Nation. It's everyday, in a million different ways, in the minutia (see below) and on the global chess board (see every major MSM paper and network)........."
Charmaine Yoest at Reasoned Audacity is taking it to CNN today.
Media Advisory: I'm doing CNN today: Today at 5 pm EST your Audacious (yet so Reasonable), blogger is scheduled to appear on CNN to discuss a new campaign from the cable television industry called "Control Your TV."
ROFASix asks is Congress - Crooked or "Just" Ethically Challenged?
"It is extremely hard for Congress to break the law in Washington. They write the laws and don’t hesitate to tweak ‘em or reinterpret them if someone, particularly a party leader, should accidentally goof up and get caught breaking the law. That is why when Congress gets spotlighted with their ethics around their ankles, they rarely pay any consequences."
Don Surber in a post entitled Karl Rove Called Them *Gasp* Liberals asks;
"Did he call liberals losers as Reid called Bush? Did he imply that they are Nazis as Richard Durbin called our soldiers? Did he say their actions were like Genghis Khan as Kerry called soldiers in Vietnam?"

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