Saturday, June 11, 2005

Feminism Never Killed Anyone?

In my opinion, Dr. Pat Sanity is one of the best bloggers in the Blogoshere. She blogs very incitefully on Islamofascism and the War on Terror. Her opinions are certainly to be respected, especially considering her qualifications with the military and with medicine. Of course, as a woman, she is an expert on being one, and she often blogs on feminism, the woman's movement and women's rights. A reader left a comment at Dr. Sanity's blog that was just too much for me to ignore. Can you believe this?
Comment by MATT: "Feminism as a movement never killed anyone, not one person - can't we focus our energies on things that actually result in death and destruction not just frustration and anger?"
How about this, Matt? In 1973, the Feminist movement circumvented the state legislatures and created abortion on demand as a constitutional right in our country. Since then more than 40 million truly innocents have lost their right to life at the hands of those who, by nature and by calling, should have been their protectors. "Feminism as a movement never killed anyone, not one person - ..."? Please ...!
I Believe in the Sanctity of Life.

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