Saturday, March 19, 2016

Make Dancing Monkeys Great Again

Donald Trump uses a template for his speeches. We label the speech:


"Donald, have you ever made Monkeys Dance?"
"Indeed I have and let me tell you I've made so many Monkeys Dance. I'm the greatest Monkey Dancer ever known."
"In fact, I've got politicians in Washington who are my own Dancing Monkeys. And you know what? When I become President, I am going to throw out all the other Monkeys, the dumbest Monkeys, the low-energy Monkeys, the lying Monkeys, the bad and terrible ones, the ugly, the chokers, the Little Monkeys, the Big-eared Monkeys. The only Monkeys left in Washington DC will be Trump's Dancing Monkeys."
"And everyone will love my Dancing Monkeys. Everyone will say that Trump's Dancing Monkeys are the most beautiful Monkeys of all."
"And you know what else? Mexico is gonna PAY for all my Dancing Monkeys. Mexico will PAY to capture them, to train them, to feed them, to clothe them, to house them. And it will be a beautiful thing - the Dancing Monkeys. The people will say 'OMG this Trump man is making Dancing Monkeys Great Again, and Mexico is footing the bill.'"
"Not everything you see is what it appears to be."