Sunday, June 26, 2005

Alice Cooper Calls Bush a Pit Bull

Just another "anti-government punk rocker rebel libertarian" mouthing off. Arthur Chrenkoff reports on the story:
"INTERVIEWER: A lot of people in rock and roll, it's very fashionable to despise George W. Bush. That's not a view you subscribe to, is it?

"ALICE COOPER: Well, I think if you're in a war, you don't want a poodle in there, you want a pit bull. I don't think that you want a guy in there going, "Gee, I don't know. Maybe. Could be." I think you want a guy in there who's either going to win it or lose it."
Any doubts as to whom Alice was referring to as a "poodle"? Somebody French or French-looking? Chrenkoff adds:
"By the way, you have to be worried when a guy with too much mascara and a snake wrapped around his neck has a keener grasp of basic new millennium geopolitics than so many leading lights of the Democratic Party."

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