Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why Is Judith Miller In Jail?

There is something mysterious about this Plame CIA story and with Matthew Cooper being saved by the bell from a jail sentence, yet not Ms. Miller. Although she is a reporter for the "The New York Times", Miller wrote nothing about the Valerie Plame affair. All of the suspected sources in the case have given waivers to allow her to talk to the grand jury. However, she went to jail instead. Who is she protecting? There is speculation that Judith Miller is protecting herself. Could she have been the source of the leak about Valerie Plame's CIA status that made it to several Bush administration officials and to Robert Novak and reporter Matthew Cooper.

Judith Miller had done reporting on WMD (weapons of mass destruction) which she based on secret CIA sources. Valerie Plame, wife of Joseph Wilson, worked on WMD for the CIA. Put two and two together. Judith Miller, good reporter, likely knew who Plame was. Recently "The Washington Post" reported "Sources close to the investigation say there is evidence in some instances that some reporters may have told government officials — not the other way around — that Wilson was married to Plame, a CIA employee." The Post reported in that same piece that Prosecutor Fitzgerald has repeatedly said he already knows the identity of Miller's source and "that person has relieved Miller of her duty to protect the source's anonymity."I blogged about this on July 6th in Big Scoop Reversal.

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