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Karl Rove Plamed ... Again

by MSNBC "Big Scooper", Lawrence O'Donnell. reported on Friday: "Time May Hand Over Journo Notes Today".
"Breaking ranks with The New York Times, Time Inc. Editor in Chief Norman Pearlstine (search) told FOX News on Friday that his company will turn over the papers to comply with a court order but that no one is happy about it.

"Pearlstine said the public may not find out the contents of the notes, since the grand jury proceedings are secret, and that it's up to the special prosecutor how much information is released. He also explained that Time Inc. has decided to hand over the information because journalists are not above the law.

"A special counsel is investigating who in the Bush administration leaked the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame (search), a possible federal crime."

Meanwhile, Lawrence O'Donnell is breathlessly scooping himself on television, by revealing "the big scoop" at the Huffington Post, where he writes that he can confirm (and will on the pre-taped "McLaughlin Group" tonight), that it was Karl Rove who "Blew CIA Agent's Cover".
"I revealed in yesterday's taping of the McLaughlin Group that Time magazine's emails will reveal that Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source. I have known this for months but didn't want to say it at a time that would risk me getting dragged into the grand jury.

"Since I revealed the big scoop, I have had it reconfirmed by yet another highly authoritative source. Too many people know this. It should break wide open this week. I know Newsweek is working on an 'It's Rove!' story and will probably break it tomorrow."
Bloggers are running with "the big scoop" from Lawrence O'Donnell as fact, especially those on the left who are hoping that it is true. Where did O'Donnell get this so-called "big scoop", which he says has been confirmed by two sources? Why would either of the two reporters who are about to go to jail for refusing to name the sources of the leak to the justice system, reveal the sources to O'Donnell? Something is not quite believable here.

In addition, as quoted above, Time Inc. Editor in Chief Norman Pearlstine said that the public may not find out the contents of the journalists' notes, since the grand jury proceedings are secret. How convenient that would be for Lawrence O'Donnell and his "no new news" which comes from two years ago when Karl Rove was fingered as the leaker by Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, aka "Yellow Cake Denier".

Lawrence O'Donnell is "hero du jour" of the liberals, just as he was during the past presidential campaign. In an October 22, 2004 interview with John O’Neill, co-author of the book "Unfit for Command", O'Donnell, MSNBC's Senior Political Analyst, accused the author of being a liar, 39 times in a row.

Front Page Magazine reports:
"O’Donnell, as journalist co-interviewer of O’Neill with substitute show host Pat Buchanan, interjected epithets and repeatedly cut off O’Neill’s answers after a few words in an apparent attempt to prevent what the guest was saying from being heard by the audience."
James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal (as reported at Front Page Magazine) extracted some of Lawrence O’Donnell’s inquisition:
"It's one of the many lies that the book advances. To me the most interesting lie, John O'Neill, that I would submit to you that you should answer, is, you make a lying claim that John Kerry's antiwar activity prolonged the amount of time that prisoners of war were held in Vietnam. . . . That's a lie, John O'Neill! Keep lying, it's all you do! . . . Lies! . . . Which is not in John O'Neill's book, 'cause it's a lie! . . . That's a lie! It's another lie! That's a lie! Absolute lie! You lie in that book endlessly! . . . You lie about documents endlessly! . . . You're just lying about it! And you lied about Thurlow's Bronze Star! You lied about it as long as you could until the New York Times found the wording of what was on the citation that you as a lying writer refused to put in your pack of lies! . . . Disgusting, lying book! . . . You have no standards, John O'Neill, as an author, and you know it! It's a pack of lies! You are unfit to publish! . . . He just lied to you! He spews out this filth! Point to his name on the report, you liar! Point to his name, you liar! . . . You just spew lies! . . . I just hate the lies of John O'Neill. I hate lies. It's not an argument; they're proven lies. . . . O'Neill's a liar, he's been a liar for 35 years about this, and he's found other liars [unintelligible]. . . . They lied! . . . They're lying somewhere! . . . Lies! Just tell me the initials, you liar! Creepy liar! . . . You are a liar who makes things up! . . . You want the lies! That's how you make your living, on lies!"
Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters reminds readers:
"recall O'Donnell's meltdown on the Joe Scarborough show during the final lap of the election. Paired up with John O'Neill of the Swiftvets, he couldn't even allow O'Neill to talk, calling him names like "creepy liar" every time O'Neill tried to respond. (You can listen to it here.)"
Some can run with O'Donnell's "facts" if they will, but the truly wise will be patient and wait for the truth to reveal itself, as it always does.

7 April 2005 Papers Say Leak Probe Is Over

Hat Tip to Mark in Mexico. Trackedback at WizBang and Outside the Beltway.

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