Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stealing from the Poor

To Give to the RICH! And it's NOT Republicans who do it! But it is certainly their fault! Did the liberal radio station "Air America" take money from poor kids and Alzheimer patients as was reported in the "New York Daily News"?
Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Bronx, Queens) said he was "totally shocked - shocked is an understatement" when news of the loss of funding first broke. In its initial announcement, the DOI [New York City's Department of Investigation] said it was probing allegations that program officials "approved significant inappropriate transactions and falsified documents that were submitted to various city agencies." According to published reports, the allegations involve Charles Rosen, the founder of Gloria Wise who has stepped down as executive director, investing city contract funds in Air America Radio, the liberal talk radio network. Evan Cohen, Air America's former chairman, had served as Gloria Wise's director of development.
Radio Equalizer and Michelle Malkin have followed the scandal, which really should have received national attention, considering that "Air America" is broadcast nationally. Although the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Clubs receive considerable grants and city contracts, the charity almost had to close because of a shortfall in funds, caused by $500K in grant money having been loaned (and not returned) to --Al Franken's "Air America". Fortunately, other independent groups came to their rescue. According to the newspaper, none was named "Al Franken". Wizbang covers the story today and Danny Carlton has other links.

If this outrageous, and seemingly criminal, diversion of funds earmarked for the poor and sufferers of Alzheimers be true, prepare for the Republicans to be blamed for having cut back so drastically on funds to Public Broadcasting stations, that the PBS cannot afford to bank roll the likes of "Air America". It also demonstrates the liberal mind set being so accustomed to receiving public funds for the furtherance of their political agenda that they find nothing unseemly nor criminal with taking public funds wherever they be found. Tell me again, who is it that accuses others of starving children and feeding dog food to the elderly?

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