Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sliced Bread To Follow

The World's First drive-through Boulangerie

Vive la Baguette! But Make it Snappy: The Joly Bakery

Under the grand leadership of Jacques Chirac, the French have been making giant steps of innovation almost every day. Last year appeared the very first drive-through boulangerie. Free at last, free at last are the French from that time-consuming daily ritual of baguette buying, which also meant a time-consuming friendly chit-chat with the boulanger. Now drivers stay seated in their cars and order at a drive-through window. What will the French think of next? Sliced bread?

Customers who cannot adapt to the foreign idea of being served at their cars, may get out to place their orders, as long as they turn off their car engines and form a traditional bread-queue. And both customers and staff are legally required, under French culture laws, to exchange at least a few friendly words, in French of course, with each other. There will be no ordering into a microphone, -- sacre bleu --, as all loudspeakers are forbidden at French boulangeries. Likewise, French unions are enforcing new rules that severly sanction any bread-server who behaves in a surly manner, shoving food at customers, à la reviled McDonald's, with immediate deportation to the United States.

A Frenchman, Phillipe, likes the idea. Although he must drive three miles from his office and back to buy a sandwich at the drive-through boulangerie, Joly Bakery, he has been able to cut one hour and twenty minutes from his traditional lunch break of two hours. Now he can get through le déjeuner in a lightning fast forty minutes. He is obviously a non-union member and self-employed.

Will the traditional French bakery go the way of the dinosaurs? Who knows and who cares? The important question is will the French people under the leadership of Jacques Chirac, go the way of the dinosaurs? The answer to that is YES!

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