Friday, July 22, 2005

How Gay Are You?

The Gay Hunters Want to Know! They have comprised a list of clues to ferret out gayness in the unsuspecting. Rate your own gayness, by taking the Gay Test. And, BTW, I did not make this up. It has been compiled from the writings of the loving inclusive friends of Gays, on the Moonbat side of reality, Gay Hunters Wonkette and Manhattan Offender.
  • Did you graduated first in your class in high school?
  • Did you attend an all-male boarding school?
  • Did you attend Catholic school?
  • Did you study Latin?
  • Did you study French?
  • Were you devoted to your studies?
  • Were you co-captain of your football team?
  • Were you a "slow-footed linebacker."
  • Were you a wrestler? (This counts triple if yes, according to Wonkette.)
  • Were you co-editor of the school newspaper?
  • Did you serve on an athletic council?
  • Did you serve on the Student Council.
  • Did you sing in the choir?
  • Did you participate in drama?
  • Are your children adopted?
Law professor blogger Ann Althouse, along with Wonkette, have concluded that a recent New York Times piece clearly used photographs to illustrate how to spot a closeted gay.
  • Were you ever photographed wearing plaid pants?
  • Were you ever photographed with your boys' school pals?
  • Were you ever photographed wearing a wrestling suit with other wrestlers?
  • Were you ever photographed with footballers? and finally
  • Does there exist an all-male wedding photograph, somewhere, of you "smiling"?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions about your young formative years, then guess what? You are gay! Your degree of gayness is determined by your number of "YES" answers. This great Gay Test is brought to you today by your loving and liberal friends, Ann Althouse, Wonkette, Manhattan Offender and the New York Times Illustrated, with its photo gallery of Judge John Roberts.

John at Powerline writes "They Were Already Beneath Contempt" (don't miss it). Ruffles and Flourishes to Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity, who explains why the necessity of The Gayness Test. Linked at Michelle Malkin, Captain's Quarters, Sister Toldja, Betsy's Page and Wizbang's Carnival of the Trackbacks.

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