Monday, July 18, 2005

The Nouveau Riche

Shocking Photo of Madonna!

Once again Madonna shocks the world by setting a new fashion style for chicken feeding, as seen at her quaint English country cottage. The image is from My Way News Photo - PEOPLE MADONNA. Her elegant peasant inspired outfit consists of a demure Grace Kelly-style chiffon chemise topped by a cashmere cardigan sweater from designer Alexander McQueen. The rich, including the nouveau ones, are not like you and me; they are different. They raise poultry on their front lawns as do peasants, they live in humble abodes as do the proles, and they shop for the essential accoutrements of life in Paris and Beverly Hills. We must buy the Magazine Vogue to see what kind of basket Madonna uses to gather the eggs. I cannot wait to see the stove on which Madonna fricassees those handsome birds.

Madonna should stay with the new peasant look, as it is much more becoming to her than this glamour shot from The Spotlight's "How Not to Dress". Note the extreme right-angle shoulder pads and the drooping "way too long" sleeves. Perhaps there was no time for a visit to the tailor, or perhaps Madonna has tragically lost both of her hands. It could have happened that those evil hens and roosters bit off the lovely hands that fed them.

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