Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Phony Purple Heart Joke

Purple Heart It was a Hollywood joke, for Pete's sake. However, some people were just too prudish to "get it". Those Rubes down yonder in the United Red States cannot stand to see someone, somewhere having a bit of fun, especially when it is at the said Rubes' expense. Where does the highly decorated war hero, Senator John McCain, stand on this particular kerfuffle?

Phony Purple Heart Taken Off Film Web Site: 'If any movie-goers take the advice of the 'Wedding Crashers' and try to use fake Purple Hearts to get girls, they may wind up picking up an FBI agent instead,' Congressman John Salazar warned. 'I am pleased that New Line Cinema has agreed to take down offensive parts of the Web site. Our veterans and FBI agents are working hard to make sure that we honor our true heroes, no one should undermine their efforts.'

Thanks alot, Congressman KillJoy. So you get the "party pooper" vote. Will that be enough to get you reelected as a Democrat in Colorado? All because of you and your Red State Bubbas, the Wedding Crasher's Web site had to remove the FREE 'Crasher Kit' with instructions on how to "use the medals to pick up women". 'Print your own Purple Heart,' it invited. 'To get one of these babies, some dudes have to prove their physical, mental and spiritual strength with great feats of bravery on the battlefield. All you need to do is press the button below.' Now wannabe "dudes" will have to risk their lives to get one of "these babies", instead of risking snips from a pair of scissors.

The Wedding Crashers' producers, New Line Cinema, decided it would be best to remove the FREE fake Purple Hearts, especially since it will soon become a federal crime to use them. 'This is a comedy, and it's intended to be funny,' was the statement from their spokesman, Richard Socarides, speaking to The Washington Post. Mr. Socarides added, 'It's really not intended to offend anyone.' Probably too, the producers were considering that any faux soldier "dudes" in jail, would not be able to purchase tickets to the ::"funny"::, R-rated flick.
(Yes, it's satire, but all the quotes are real. Who could have made them up? wink)
The Genuine Purple Heart Medal

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