Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Spending Liberally

Results in throwing employees of "capitalist piggy" companies out of work.

Spending Liberally does not want anyone to spend hard earned Liberal dollars at these companies, just in case anyone is interested. I suppose "anyone" would be interested if "anyone" happens to be a liberal democrat in the employ of one of the piggies. Hey, guys, your buds are trying to drive your company out of business! It seems that tops on the list are the "capitalist piggies" that advertise at Fox News. Hmm...
"Welcome to Spending Liberally ~ Liberal voices and opinions, though held by a majority of the US population, are now unrepresented in government and mocked in the press. Spending Liberally is here to make our voices heard in the last way left to us; we will direct our collective spending power so as to punish corporations that make the government work against the public interest. We will use the Internet and other new media to focus and coordinate our economic power for maximum effect. Think of what we're doing as economic flash mobs.

Our first task is to regain fair and equal representation in the media. So we are beginning with targeted sanctions against sponsors of Fox News Channel."

And this is from their Spending Liberally Blog:
"People often write me asking if we can provide a list of businesses where we recommend you spend your money. While we do not yet have that, I would like to recommend this article in the New York Times, which dubs Costco 'the Anti-Wal-Mart.' Costco pays its employees nearly double what Wal-Mart and Sam's Club pays, and provides excellent benefits. The result is happy employees who don't quit and rarely steal from or try to cheat their employer. And Costco's share price is rising while Wal-Mart's is sinking.

"It's kind of shocking in this day and age to see a business (and a CEO) practicing enlightened self-interest. If you're looking for a recommendation from me, by all means do whatever shopping you can at Costco. Businesses that act ethically are rare, and need resounding support."

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