Thursday, July 14, 2005

Free Ganji

In sympathy with the Iranian people and their quest for freedom, I remind you of Ganji. Ganji is an Iranian writer who has written about the Iranian government's complicity in the 1998 murders of those who sought to reform the mullahcrocy. He has been in prison off and on since 2001. Many have called for his release, including President Bush who said:
"The President calls on all supporters of human rights and freedom, and the United Nations, to take up Ganji's case and the overall human rights situation in Iran," a statement released by the White House yesterday read. Calls for comment to U.N. spokesmen were unreturned at press time last night. The President also calls on the Government of Iran to release Mr. Ganji immediately and unconditionally and to allow him access to medical assistance."
Please visit the web site: Free Ganji
"Letter to the Free People of the World,
Today (July 1, 2005) is the 19th day I'm on hunger strike. I was on hunger strike for 11 days in late May. The second phase of my hunger strike started on June 11, 2005. In total, my body weight has reduced from 77kg to 58kg in 30 days of hunger strike; that is, 19kg loss in one month."
Please also visit Regime Change in Iran where I obtained this information.

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