Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Karl "Whistleblower" Rove

On July 3, 2005 I posted here at Kerfuffles, in an article about Joseph Wilson entitled Award Winning Truthteller:
"If someone did, in fact, out Ms. Plame to newsman Robert Novak, that person should be eligible for whistleblower protection for having exposed the nepotism and spoils system at the CIA. Joe Wilson should never have been appointed for the mission to Niger in the first place, as he had NO experience in investigations nor in uranium."
In today's Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal, is an editorial, "Karl Rove, Whistleblower, He told the truth about Joe Wilson".
"Democrats and most of the Beltway press corps are baying for Karl Rove's head over his role in exposing a case of CIA nepotism involving Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame. On the contrary, we'd say the White House political guru deserves a prize--perhaps the next iteration of the 'Truth-Telling' award that The Nation magazine bestowed upon Mr. Wilson before the Senate Intelligence Committee exposed him as a fraud.

"For Mr. Rove is turning out to be the real 'whistleblower' in this whole sorry pseudo-scandal. He's the one who warned Time's Matthew Cooper and other reporters to be wary of Mr. Wilson's credibility. He's the one who told the press the truth that Mr. Wilson had been recommended for the CIA consulting gig by his wife, not by Vice President Dick Cheney as Mr. Wilson was asserting on the airwaves. In short, Mr. Rove provided important background so Americans could understand that Mr. Wilson wasn't a whistleblower but was a partisan trying to discredit the Iraq War in an election campaign. Thank you, Mr. Rove.
This is what Kerfuffles wrote on July 3, 2005 about Ambassador Wilson's Truth Telling Award:
At the National Press Club in October 2003, the good ambassador tearfully accepted the first Ron Ridenhour "Award for Truth-Telling", presented by The Nation Magazine Foundation and the Fertel Foundation. On January 17th, 2004, Vanity Fair, did a puff profile on the glamour couple which included the image at the left, and revealed that Wilson publicly referred to his wife as "Jane Bond".

However, by July 10th of the same year, The Washington Post outed Joseph Wilson IV as a "non-Truth-Teller".

Plame's Input Is Cited on NigerMission(
Karl Rove's lawyer says that Rove learned from a journalist that the wife of Joseph Wilson was an employee of the CIA. Rove was puzzled that the CIA would send Joseph Wilson, a man with no experience in WMD, on a fact-finding trip to Africa. Rove discovered that nepotism at the CIA was the reason. Now Joseph Wilson and the CIA are claiming that, because in the long ago past Valerie Plame may have had undercover status, it was illegal to reveal that in her then current position at the spy agency, working with WMD, that she funneled a contract to her husband. Rove's uncovering of nepotism at the CIA is considered a crime by the CIA, of course, and those on the left. When this case finally ends, the CIA should have a lot to answer to the American people. Not only did the agency miss September 11th, they fed false information to the President in wartime, which misinformation was gained by allowing employees such as Valerie Plame to traffic in nepotism. The likes of Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson were the ones who were supposedly the experts in WMD, not the President.

The villain is this entire kerfuffle is the totally discredited Joseph Wilson. Although his country was at war, he returned from a government sponsored trip and lied about what he found in Africa. He lied about how he found it. He lied to the CIA about what he found, and then he lied about why the CIA sent him to Africa in the first place. When his lies were exposed, he ran to his wife to hide behind her CIA status. It is outrageous that this man's false accusations against others have resulted in the spending of government resources for nothing of value and that the media has wasted so much of their time on it, with one of their reporters now sitting in jail.

Jackson's Junction has the video. Linked at and Wizbang.

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