Sunday, July 24, 2005

No Penumbras For Wingnuts

Isn't there some penumbra somewhere in the U.S. Constitution that guarantees a zone of privacy to each individual? I have read the Constitution and I cannot find it, but then if it were easy to see, it wouldn't be called a "penumbra". People, from the Supreme Court on high, all the way down to the little ladies at NARAL and NOW, insist that it is there. If we are all guaranteed such penumbras, or to be more correct - penumbrae, then shouldn't Dancin' Jackie and his father, Judge John Roberts, be included? Seems only right to me. In fact, if I could be Queen of the U.S. for a day, I would decree that all citizens, whether they want it or not, be granted a zone of penumbra around whatever it is they do or don't do in their bedrooms. Don't discuss your or anyone else's bedroom activities in public where it may gross out some of the more "repressed" among us and frighten innocent children.

Until I get to be Queen, why not exhibit a degree of civility and try to follow those "important though hidden" penumbrae supposedly in the Constitution, and not broach another person's sexuality, which if you really ponder it, should indeed be a zone of privacy for everyone. If you want to discuss your own fantasies, perversions, desires, past indiscretions, prowess, go for it! Just warn us ahead, so we can get out of earshot or shield our eyes. However, not only is it the epitome of bad manners to discuss the sexuality of someone you don't even know, you are invading that person's "All American" right to a zone of penumbrae, or penumbras. And that is much worse behavior than anything little Dancin' Jack did at the White House the other day.

Here is something called hilarity from self-described humorist "Blogette-Wonkette", as she invades the penumbrae of Judge John Robert's sexual life, entirely without his permission. Read her supposedly joking comments and you will understand just how unfunny humor about someone else's gayness can be.
July 21, 2005 "Wonkette operatives have alerted us to some details in John G. Roberts background. We're not making any conclusions here -- we wouldn't want to comment on an ongoing investigation -- we're just laying out the facts: He is a graduate of an all-boys Catholic school where, as a member of the wrestling team, he regularly grappled with other sweaty, repressed boys. That is when he wasn't the drama club playing Peppermint Patty, for God's sake. He was also an editor of the school newspaper, "The Torch." And yet the Right still asserts that "he's no flame-thrower." We like him more and more. RELATED: How gay is this guy? [Manhattan Offender]"

July 22, 2005 "The Roberts family were in costume. Wonkette operatives have figured out who they were dressed as, too. Talk about sucking up the Dems. ... And, sure, coming on like Jack Kennedy is one way to appeal to us. But we liked it better when he was gay."
And PS! For those who don't know any better, there is absolutely nothing "FUNNY", as in the "F" word, in jokes about children and their sexuality. See "The Daily Kos", Another Sick-O or "What Makes Jackie Dance".

Charmain at Reasoned Audacity has more today about blog jokesters, but if you want to read real honest-to-goodness, side-splitting humor, check out her comments section where some Moonbats have roosted:
"people who think there's some left-wing conspiracy to paint Roberts as "gay" are paranoid crazies ... Someone who thinks it's an insult or slander to call someone gay, clearly has serious homophobic issues to deal with."

"You are missing the point. ... there's nothing wrong with being gay! When we lefties call someone gay, it's not an insult. When we point out that someone fits some of the stereotypes of being gay, it's not a criticism. Can't you get it through your head? Straight people on the left love gay people! ... You're missing the point by a million miles. What mental barrier prevents you from seeing that being gay is not a bad thing?"

Oh, I "get it" now. In other words: we Wingnuts should understand that when you Moonbats call our husband, wife, father, mother, sibling, son, daughter, 4-year-old grandchild, friend, neighbor, and/or clergyman, a "homosexual" or "gay", we should feel really proud and know that you Lefties love them.

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