Sunday, July 03, 2005

More Big Scooper Scoops

from The Huffington Post | The Blog

Poor "Big Scooper" Lawrence O'Donnell! He is suffering delusions of grandeur over this supposed "Karl Rove the Leaker" story he started. Now he is saying that the fact that Karl Rove did not contact him to tell him what he (Rove) said to the grand jury, proves that Rove is guilty. Guilty of what? Being a source for a reporter is not a crime.
The Huffington Post | The Blog: "Rove would not let me get one day of traction on this story if he could stop me. If what I have reported is not true, if Karl Rove is not Matt Cooper’s source, Rove could prove that instantly by telling us what he told the grand jury. Nothing prevents him from doing that, except a good lawyer who is trying to keep him out of jail."
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