Friday, July 08, 2005

The Blitzkrieg and the Piss Ants

How in the name of Allah do these cowardly piss ant terrorists think they are going to take control of Britain, much less the world, if this puny attack is the best they can muster? They've had many months of planning since their Madrid train bombings. The London July 7th show of strength was a dud in comparison. No wonder there's little dancing with joy in the Arab streets today. What a disappoinment it must be to realize how low down their rag-tag army has sunk.

The last time there has been an invasion of the Isle of Albion was almost a thousand years ago. Since then the King's army has beaten off the French, the Spanish, the Germans and other nations that through history have mistakenly believed they could be a match for the island nation. Now comes a band of creepy musclemen who think they can scare the wits out of the British by shooting off a few cherry bombs now and again. Hey guys, take time to unravel the raggedy masks from your faces and read some English history.

With much greater armaments and a professional military to boot, Alolph Hitler tried. He launched the the Blitz (Blitzkrieg) against London during World War II, killing about 42,000 civilians and injuring more than 50,000. He even knocked down 130,000 of their dwellings. Wikipedia estimates considerably greater damage and higher casualties.
"... the Germans undoubtedly did inflict a huge amount of damage on Britain at a crucial time. The physical damage was profound – "bomb sites", rubble-filled places where bombed-out buildings had once stood – remained a common site in British cities until as late as the 1980s. It forced the diversion of a considerable amount of war materiél to homeland defence and greatly disrupted the normal life of the country. 43,000 civilians are estimated to have died during the campaign, with over 139,000 injured, and around a million houses destroyed. (Wikipedia)
But, look around, England is still there and it is still England, and so is London. The Germans believed that by bombing the English towns that they would demoralize the citizens and the government would then collapse. Hitler predicted that the aerial bombardment would result in the poor rising up against the rich ruling class to bring about a revolution. He must have mistaken the British for Germany's neighbors, the French. The Blitzkrieg, actually had the opposite effect and stiffened British resolve. It didn't happen then, and it certainly is not going to happen for lowly grounded piss ants masquerading as soldiers.
Pissants or Piss Ants are small, nuisance ant infestations of Odorous Ants, Piss Ants, or Sugar Ants. In the United States, any small or tiny ant that infests a home is often labeled as a Pissant or piss ant. An actual Pissant is an ant that lives in certain European forests and gets its name from the odor produced by its nesting material - pine straw and pine needles.
Trackedback at Bad Example where I found the UK-US flags and at 'People's Song' from Chicago Boyz.

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