Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dancing Boy Roberts

Dancing JackAnyone who has experience with four-year-old boys, can tell you that this picture demonstrates what happens when such a child is placed in front of an audience, flashing lights and cameras. No matter that the spotlight is on the President of the United States, or even on his own distinquished father, the four-year-old boy will always believe that he is the center of attention and he will always perform. Take my word for it. However, there is a side of the political spectrum that does not understand the normal behavior of a little boy and has attributed unbelievable traits to him and his parents. (The Political Teen posted the video from Fox News: CLICK HERE)

The Daily KOS

Wonkette: Little Jackie with his short pants, shows that Justice Robert's nomination is a bridge to the 19th century. (I kid you not, and that is the least of the slurs.)

While President Bush was making facial contortions to keep from laughing, while gliimpsing out of the corner of his eye the devilish antics of little Jack, The Huffington Post comments suspect those presidential grimaces to be evidence of something far more sinister.

GOP Vixen - Why Bush Smirked

Moonbattery writes the truth: "Leftists Play Gay Card Against John Roberts"

The Son, The Smirk and the Sickos by Michelle Malkin

No Enemy Too Small by Confederate Yankee

However, there is "somewhat" good news from the MSM. Today, the LA Times refrains from attacking four-year-old Jackie boy, gunning for his mother instead. Jane Roberts is "shockingly" a Roman Catholic, just like her husband, and even more shocking, she "Holds Strong Antiabortion Views".

Matt Drudge, with his Drudge flash, and his trusty six-shooter, Ann Coulter, have been dissing Judge John Roberts. Fearless "Annie Oakly" describes the new Bush nominee as "Souter in Roberts clothing" (Ann Coulter's website). Kerfuffles disagrees with Annie. Kerfuffles predicts only one thing about John Roberts. As long as the new justice has to deal with the likes of "dancing Jack", he will never become another Justice David Souter, "Hermit of the Supremes".

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