Friday, July 15, 2005

Republican Charms NAACP

The Republicans gain praise from an unlikely source - Democrat stratagist, Donna Brazille. And no wonder. They have managed to do the unthinkable, which is to charm the NAACP. Ken Mehlman, who holds the same position in the Republican party as does the fiery Howard "Dr." Dean for the Dems, received great praise for a speech that he gave to the NAACP. Kudos to Ms. Brazille for her honesty and kudos to Mr. Mehlman for having succeeded where so many others have tried and failed. This is from Trey Jackson at Jackson's Junction:
"Democratic strategist Donna Brazille appeared on Inside Politics to discuss RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman's speech today in Milwaukee to the NAACP's National Convention.

"Brazille praised the speech by saying it was 'very moving' and 'I applaud it and encourage everyone to read it'.

"You can watch the video here.

"The full text of the speech can be viewed here."

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