Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Brother Mitt

Perhaps the future is unfolding before my eyes. Could a man named Mitt be elected President of the United States? Could a governor of the liberal bastion of Massachusetts be elected to the Presidency? Could anyone from Massachusetts? It is the land of Ted Kenneddy, Barney Frank and John Kerry and none of them could do it. Now, wouldn't that just upset the apple cart? Could a Mormon be elected? Lordy, Lordy, if the Irish Catholics of Massachusetts can tolerate a Mormon governor, surely the rest of the land would be able. And isn't it about time that the Mormons got one of their own into high office? After all, Mormonism is the only true American religion. The faith was born and bred in the farm fields of New York. Other faiths were too, in the early years of the country's existence. But Mormonism survived and the others died out. I think I could go for Brother Mitt. Robert Novak is writing Romney Ready for 2008 Run. Hillary (and Newt) - watch out! The Momons are coming.

Are We Ready for a Mormon President from The Boston Globe

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