Wednesday, August 10, 2005

President Bush Indicted

By The Blogoshere!

All throughout Bloggerland is the story of the impending indictment of President Bush. There is nothing about it in the legitimate news cycles, nor is there any mention of an upcoming impeachment, which, according to the U.S. Constitution, would have to occur first. For the last few days "" has been the top search term on Technorati. Following up a bit more, it seems that the story originated with a very wishful thinking blogger, here, and the entire moonbat wing of the blogosphere grabbed hold and made it huge. Is it a hoax, rumor-mongering run amok, malicious abuse of search robots or something more? Is it an assault on the Technorati search web site? Some believe that hackers are tickering with the Technorati tags to make "" number one. If so, that is about the only success the Bush Haters can seem to accomplish with their venom. It is a good thing that the anarchy of the blogosphere does not set the agenda for our country. There is more about the situation here.

Perhaps there will be an indictment - but not of the President. The hacker culprits could be brought up on chargers of felonious assault of search robots, or for Google-bombing the Internet. That would be too good to be true. Oh, I forgot - it's August. The President is vacationing in the sweltering heat of west Texas and people are bored.

Then there is the guilt I feel at my own devilish delight in reading the moonbat blogs as they set themselves up for another great disappointment in their pipe dreams of vanquishing their chimpster. How dumb can they be? Really, really dumb to believe that a U.S. President can be indicted before being first impeached, or that the MSM missed the impeachment hearings! They had about a day of being deliriously happy, and now they are telling each other to "shut-up" about it. "It's a hoax - stop writing about an indictment! The Wingnuts are laughing at us." HA!

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