Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Project Hope & Harmony

Is there more than meets the eye to the newly founded Project Hope & Harmony of Herndon, Virginia? Northern Virginiastan is uncovering tidbits of evidence, that were seemingly overlooked by the fawning sleuthhounds at The Washington Post, who recently covered the so-called charity. Always on Watch, writes at Northern Virginiastan, where the byline is "Monitoring how Islam is subverting public institutions in Northern Virginia and the greater DC Metro Area":
"Project Hope and Harmony, not yet a nonprofit organization although filing papers for that status are said to be planned, is the organization which insisted that Herndon, Virginia build a center for day laborers. This center will operate at taxpayers' expense and will not check on the immigration status of day laborers who utilize the site."
Always on Watch has found Google links which cast aspersions upon the Muslim motives of Project Hope and Harmony's founder, yet it appears that these are all blog rantings and nothing verified by respected news organizations. In addition WaPo reports that the organization is an inter-faith group that is trying to solve the problem of what to do with the illegals in their community who are trying to find work. Perhaps the Washington Post investigated and found nothing amiss with the charitable activities of Mr. Mukit Hossain. However, it is always a good idea to be vigilant and to investigate what is going on beneath the surface, as I feel certain that "Northern Virginiastan" will do. I will be staying tuned for more substantial updates, if any.

Meanwhile, I find no reason, at least yet, to condemn the activities of Mr. Hossain or others working to lessen the sufferings of these less fortunate amongst us and helping the community accommodate them. Would it not be a wonderful thing to discover that this is one Muslim group that is truly trying to assimilate itself into the American culture by helping others at home? If that is the case, Mr. Mukit Hossain may be due for some kudos. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope.

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