Thursday, August 11, 2005

CPD Antiwar Statement Signers

Michelle Malkin has received a horrible, vile letter from Dan Opacki (Dan's Letter), whom she has discovered to be one of the thousands of signers of the Anti War Manifesto published at The Campaign for Peace and Democracy. Later she received another e-mail from a Dan Opacki who admits signing the petition, but denies writing the vile e-mail via Yahoo, claiming "Any idiot can open a yahoo account free of charge and apprently someone did, using my name - why? I have no clue, but it was NOT the real Dan Opacki."

"Speaking of slow-wittedness, the Cindy Sheehan juggernaut has resulted in an uptick in profanity-laced moonbat hate mail from Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers incapable of rational debate. Here's just a sample. Excuse the language. An e-mailer named Dan Opacki, whose name appears on this anti-war manifesto, writes:"

"[Update: A different Dan Opacki with a comcast account sent the following e-mail this afternoon to clarify...]

"Hello Michelle, A friend of mine called me and told me that she was e-mailed by someone else telling of my name on your web-site. I'm not sure what's going on but I can assure you that I did not write such crass words as what appears attributed to my name. I'm a real person with a real profession and a reputation and while yes, I singed a petition, I did not call you those nasty names."
If anyone is interested in DAN OPACKI, who signs himself as "Dan Opacki, University of Massachusetts Amherst", these are the people that he apparently hangs out with: Anti War Manifesto Signers

Some of DAN OPACKI's fellow signers, picked at random, include: Nayad Abrahamian of Tufts University; Sami Abuhamdeh and John Ackerman of University Chicago; the Rev. Patricia Ackerman of FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation); Albert Ahlstrom, Lutheran Pastor of Kingston, NY; Barbara Bader Aldave, National Chair of Gray Panthers; James Alexander of Northeastern University Law School; Philip N Backstrom, Prof Emeritus, History, Northeastern University; C.L. Cole -Assoc Prof of Women's Studies, Univ of Illinois; John E. Coleman Professor of Classics, Cornell Univ, Ithaca, NY; Tom F. Driver,Professor Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary in New York; Ellen C. DuBois Prof of History, UCLA; Sue Herndon, Staff Union of the University of Virginia (SUUVA/CWA); Steve Marquardt,AFL-CIO Research Analyst, Seattle; Constance Ashton Myers, Daughters of the American Revolution; Thomas Nagy, Asoc. Proffessor, George Washington University; Alexandra Plows, University of Wales Bangor; Thomas J. Robertson, Asst Prof of History, Allegany College of MD; Marcia Rothenberg, R.N., Health Activist,Chicago; Melvin Rothenberg; Professor Emeritus, Univ of Chicago.

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