Thursday, August 11, 2005

Catholics Not Fit to Serve

And other Christians Too, unless they be congregants of main-stream, liberal leaning Protestant denominations, such as the "holier than anyone else" United Church of Christ, according to The Boston Globe. If not, they are forever branded with the big scarlet "A"of "anti-abortion rights". Haven't we traveled this road before? James Taranto discusses the opinion piece in today's Boston Globe that I have already cited in Boston Globe Lunacy.
Catholics Need Not Apply
"No one seriously argues anymore that Roe v. Wade was correctly decided. ... Of the five Supreme Court justices who more or less upheld Roe in the 1992 case ... three went out of their way to avoid endorsing the decision, emphasizing instead the allegedly high cost of the court's admitting a mistake:

"A jaw-dropping op-ed piece in today's Boston Globe suggests that these three justices got it exactly wrong. One Christopher D. Morris, "a writer and critic in Northfield, Vt.," argues that the Senate Judiciary Committee should subject the Catholic Church, and Catholic jurists, to special scrutiny:

"In other words, in order to preserve the bogus constitutional right to abortion, it is necessary to disregard the actual constitutional provisions for church-state separation and against religious tests for officeholders."
It is necessary to destroy the Constitution in order to save the unconstitional right to an abortion. What logic!

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