Thursday, August 25, 2005

Remember Plame-Wilson!

And Don't Forget the Alamo Either!
Just in case anyone might have forgotten the story over the summer with all the bombings in London, Able Danger in Washington and Cindy Sheehan in Texas, the Los Angeles Times has seen fit to remind us all of that old, worn story of Lady Spy Plame and Superboy Wilson". Lest we have forgotten, their call is "Remember Plame-Wilson" - The Non-scandal That's Going Away! They even have a chronology of events beginning in February 2002, when Vice President Dick Cheney asked whether Iraq sought uranium from Niger. Lady Spy Plame, upon hearing of the questions coming from the Bush adminstration to her CIA, said "Let Them Eat Yellowcake", and sent her SuperSleuth Joey Wilson to Niger, to "cover it". The Times rehashes from there all the way down to July 18th, 2005, when President Bush said that the leaker will be fired if a crime was committed, leaving everyone to ponder if he really thinks he has authority to fire Judith Wilson from the NY Times. You can go to the LA Times and read their retold again novella, or you can stay here and read the real deal at Kerfuffles. "Lady Spy Plame and the Frog"
A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed
By Tom Hamburger and Sonni Efron, Times Staff Writers
WASHINGTON — Toward the end of a steamy summer week in 2003, reporters were peppering the White House with phone calls and e-mails, looking for someone to defend the administration's claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. About to emerge as a key critic was Joseph C. Wilson IV, a former diplomat who asserted that the administration had manipulated intelligence to justify the Iraq invasion.

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