Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Van der Sloot Friends

Joran Van der Sloot, who has reportedly told investigators conflicting stories about what happened the night that teenager Natalee Holloway went missing, has defenders in New Jersey. A mother and daughter who claim to know him and his family very well, have come to his defense. Considering a previous post I made about the Holloway case, "Too Much Fun", I commend this holiday in Aruba as an example of the right way for a young teenager to visit; with her parents. Yet one cannot help wondering about these particular parents after reading and watching the interview.

The sixteen year old daughter says that drinking and partying are normal for teens. She claims to have dated Joran Van der Sloot and has the snapshots to prove it. While the mother brags that her daughter finally rejected him, the viewer is wondering about how old she was when that occurred, as she is now only sixteen. Although the time line is unclear, it seems to have been at least a year ago, and maybe more, as they tell about both families travelling back and forth visiting each other. The teenage daughter cannot refrain from telling the world that she and Joran lived together for three weeks. Perhaps it was all innocent, such as the Van der Sloot family members were houseguests of the New Jersey family. All I can be sure of is that people so often appear to be lunatics when interviewed by these TV commentators. In this case, it is likely these two really are. Unless, of course, teenage girls of today have usually observed enough drunkeness in others, as to be authorities on such behavior. The quotes following are from the mother-daughter duo, Cathy and Shelby Cadmus, on MSNBC's Dan Abrams Show. (Video and Transcript)
S. CADMUS [daughter]: Yes. Once I got home, we e-mailed and everything. I was very infatuated by him. He’s a very romantic guy. I mean, he had a list of top 10 things he wanted to do in his life, and number one was “sit under the stars with one I love.” That’s just the kind of guy he was.

ABRAMS: You ever see him drunk?

S. CADMUS: Yes, actually I have.


S. CADMUS: Not violent at all. A goofy, fun, funny drunk.

ABRAMS: He wasn’t one of these people — I mean, there are some people when they drink a lot, they really come to be different people than they were sober.

S. CADMUS: Not at all. Because I know people who do become different people when they’re drunk, and Joran is not one of them.

ABRAMS: Do you know how often he drinks? Sort of drinks to get drunk, et cetera?

S. CADMUS: Parties, clubs. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everybody knows teenagers drink. They’re going to drink. That’s how kids are these days. Nothing out of the ordinary — a normal teenage boy.

ABRAMS: There’s been suggestions from Natalee’s mother that Joran and his friends would basically sit at this bar and prey on women.

C. CADMUS [mother]: Joran was a very bright young student. How could he have possibly gotten a scholarship to a college if he was busy sitting at bars all the time the way they’re making him out to be? He was no different than my three children or any other teenagers I know today. Well, yes, they partied, they had a good time. But he knew when to stop and when to settle down and what else to do.
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